Spotlight Interview - Voodoo Chris Trudeau

Spotlight Interview – Chris Trudeau – Voodoo Games – Signing a Publishing Deal and an App Store Success Story

Game Dev Podcast - Game Dev Interview - Chris Trudeau - Voodoo Games

Today I sit down with Academy Member Chris Trudeau of Boston Trudeau Studios, who landed himself a Voodoo publishing deal with his latest game title Twenty48 Solitaire, so huge congrats to Chris, super excited at such an awesome success story.

Download: Twenty48 Solitaire

In our conversation, we discuss how Chris made the leap from being a professional finish carpenter, dabbling with selling print on demand t-shirts from his 2 Etsy shops as a side hustle, to stumbling across Buildbox and ultimately creating mobile games.

Using a deck of cards to brainstorm game ideas, thinking how to twist this classic card game, and grabbing tons of feedback from family and friends, the first versions of Twenty48 Solitaire was born.

Chris hired someone on Fiverr to create his first prototype ( made in just 12 hours ) in unity. Soon after that, he made the transition to the new engine and he quickly starting learning for himself, and has never looked back.

After contacting Voodoo with his idea, within a few months he had secured what would become a life changing publishing deal.

Chris tells us why he loves Voodoo so much and how he’s constantly learning from the publishing support team. He loves the fact they are genuinely excited about building games and make you feel part of team. Voodoo have patience with small dev’s, are pro-active and get things moving fast.

Although Twenty48 Solitaire is not the ‘normal’ hyper casual game we are used to seeing from this publisher, Chris explains they are always open to new games that go against trends, something different that will stand out from the crowd.

Next on the agenda for Chris in the coming months will be the maintenance of Twenty48, making sure it performs well and carrying out further game test ideas with the Voodoo Publishing team. There are also thoughts of team expansion within Boston Studios, but the main focus will be with Voodoo and coming up with that next great game.

It’s fantastic to have Chris inside the Academy and it’s been an absolute pleasure to celebrate his Voodoo signing. It really couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy.

I asked Chris what he enjoyed the most about being a member, and unsurprisingly ( as everyone says the same ) it was the Friday Live Sessions where we keep up to date with research and App Store trends that bring the most inspiration.

“What I like most about the Academy is that it has helped me get out of my own little game development bubble and to open up to new ideas and different ideas I wasn’t thinking about. I find the weekly Academy Live videos most valuable.

I usually catch the replay on Monday and they’ve become like my Netflix series of game development. Kevin and Jilly’s walkthrough of the top charts, trends, new games, old games, relevant sites and the like, really helps give me a different view on what’s happening in the mobile game space.

Chances are if you’re starting out in mobile game design or development, you are going to make a lot of mistakes and waste a lot of time. Learn from the knowledge, the experience and the mistakes the Academy and the members have to share.”

I’d like to thank Chris for joining me in today’s special podcast and for sharing his game Dev story, I wish him every future success.


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