The Best 12 Hyper Casual Games (November 2021)


Tons of fresh new hyper casual games released as we run up to the festive season. Runners still reign the charts with another strong Arcade Idle game proving this new sub-genre is here to stay with plenty of untapped potential and themes galore!

Here’s our run down of all the best hyper-casual games released this November.

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What’s New Inside the Academy this month

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New Hyper Casual Game Releases!

This month, EA’s CEO calls NFT and blockchain games ‘the future of our industry’.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson also added however that “it’s still early to figure out how that’s going to work,” when asked about the topic during the company’s latest earnings call.

This is certainly an area that I know very little about and, as with all new technologies, it’s important to do your due diligence and research before sinking any of your time or money into.

One thing is for sure however, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on the space and how it will blend and merge into mobile space in the future.

Great to see some fresh new hyper casual games being released this month!

A new release from our good friends over at Homa Games, Mutant Wars 3D has a very different vibe and is edging to a more strategy / card collecting feel.

If you’re familiar with Town Takeover from Voodoo then you’ll recognise the similar game mechanics.

The Build quality looked great too although sadly we had some crashing issues. No doubt they’ll get all that figured out real soon!

Doll Fall from Rollic was kinda erratic and bonkers and with a bit of tidying up no doubt this could be a super fun experience.

Draw Weapon from Supersonic Studios was certainly a neat concept and executed exceptionally well.

It’s raced up to the No. 1 spot Overall, not just in games, on the US Google Play store. Woah!

Voodoo’s slap and run was so good to play and the level gameplay flow really made it, well worth checking out.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for November 2021

Canvas Run - Voodoo

Canvas Run

Publisher: Voodoo

Using easy slide controls, grow your rainbow canvas by guiding the balls through the numbered gates. Collect enough to drop in the pens and release the levers to continue your path, avoid all the obstacles and make it to the level end and bag yourself a ton of bonus rainbow balls.
Arm yourself with your own fancy lightsaber by simply drawing a line on the screen to create your glowing masterpiece. Make your way through different locations and roof top arenas and take on enemies that will be waiting to attack, spin your weapon and flick them off the field. Will your weapon be strong and fast enough?
Craft your combat weapon by using ink to draw over the images on the screen and watch as your weapon comes to life in your hands! Now, you can choose to move and attack your opponent, handy if you’ve drawn a sword, or throw your weapon, handy if you’ve drawn a slice of pizza! Get your opponent over the cliff to win the round.
Build your own fisherman’s island in this neat arcade idle game from Izyplay Game Studio. Send out your boats to collect huge shoals of fish to sell and buy new island facilities, sell a few more fish and upgrade your boat too! Become an expert fisherman, earn enough to expand the island and hire more fishermen to grow your fish farm.
Warning! Giants have been seen walking the earth and emerging from the sea. It’s your time to step up and become the hero sniper you’ve always wanted to be. Arm yourself with a super duper sniper high-energy rifle, hunt down the giants and save the city and its people before everything is destroyed.
Armed with a nifty crossbow you must learn to be a perfect hitman, take down the bad guys and save the hostages in this hyper casual shooter from the team at Supersonic Studios. Go through your training sessions and once you’re let loose you can take aim and pin as many baddies to the wall as you can and become the hero.
Hoop 4 - Rollic Games

Hoop 4

Publisher: Rollic Games

The aim of the game is to shoot the highest score hoops and eliminate all your opponents. Gain the highest score by aiming to hit the plus numbers and avoiding the minus. Watch out for objects that will block you from shooting certain baskets and stop you from scoring those critical win points.
Everyone loves a game of marbles so here’s your chance to show off your skills in this neat hyper casual, multi player race game. Control your marble along the track by simply swiping in the right direction, pick up speed and knock your opponents flying, leap the gaps, rebound off buffers and avoid all the obstacles to win first place.
Capture all the enemy locations before they have chance to infiltrate and take over all your towers. Use strategy and tactics to defend your territory and send out your men to counter attack the enemy lines, your quick reactions are vital to win the war against the mutants!
Fast paced hyper casual runner / shooter from the team at Rollic Games. Multiply your soldier army and hunt down your enemies by firing huge rounds of arrows to reign down on them from above. Simply pull back to launch your missiles, shoot to attack and obliterate the bad guys, clear the way and prepare to meet the boss!
Slap And Run - Voodoo

Slap And Run

Publisher: Voodoo

In this hilarious Hyper casual runner game from Voodoo, literally slap everyone you can and run away! Just how many people can you leave angry without getting caught? With the mob now chasing you, you need to be fast in your getaway, run over speed ups or make sure you hit those sweet spots to launch a handy boxing glove to sweep the crowd away.
Spiral Rider - Voodoo

Spiral Rider

Publisher: Voodoo

Carve yourself amazing spirals by removing the bark from trunks in this super satisfying hyper casual game from the team at Voodoo. Touch time your moves to try and make the longest, curliest, multi coloured spirals you can and send them bouncing off to destroy obstacles in your way or use them to collect all those out of reach coins.

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

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