The Best 12 Hyper Casual Games (September 2021)


As September comes to an end the appetite for Hyper Casual “Auto-Walkers / Runners” hasn’t wavered one bit. With that said however, we’ve handpicked a selection of the most interesting hyper-casual games we’ve come across. 

Here’s our recommendations for September and the latest hyper casual games that we played.

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What’s New Inside the Academy this month

Hyper Elite Live Workshop - Gameplay Genre - Mini Games Games
Hyper Casual Elite - Game Genre Workshop - Mini Games

Inside the Academy we continued our new Live show “Hyper Elite Live Workshops” where we take a deep dive into some of the different game genres!

First we covered “Mini Game” games and it was surprising that so many top games still use this format. The rise of the hyper casual “Mini Game” games genre really kicked in around early 2020 with the likes of Suji Games and GameJam Co. leading the way.

The game design is typically a series of short session, popular hyper casual games and mechanics that are stacked next to each other offering the player a constant variation in gameplay level by level.

Whilst there’s definitely some dovetailing with the “Restoration & Makers” or “Simulation” genre, on a more basic level, these are typically a series of different mechanics visually matched to their overarching theme.

Using many already successful core game mechanics in their own right, we see Pull the Pin by Popcore is usually used along with some kind of simple matching mechanic.

The key, as always, is to present to the market a fresh take or theme and adopt any new mechanics that are trending.

The “Choosing Mechanic”, “Posing Mechanic” and “Multiplying Mechanic” are super hot right now so these would be perfect to introduce into your game.

One massive benefit to Mini Game games is that you can constantly update and “plug in” any new trend relatively fast with the added bonus of keeping your marketing fresh.

So, if you’re looking to build your own take, whilst you could make more of a simulation style game where you take any profession or skill process and break that down into stages, it’s more about a strong game theme that will hold everything together and give you plenty of poetic license.

Hyper Elite Live Workshop - Gameplay Genre - Multiplayer
Hyper Casual Elite - Game Genre Workshop - Multiplayer / .IO Games

When it comes to multiplayer / .io games there was probably no bigger trend that washed over the App Store back in the day.

Now, whilst we’ve bundled these genres together, and just like the Mini Game genre, there’s certainly some overlap and mild distinctions between the two.

Of course, both have the multiplayer gameplay aspect deep within the concept, however there are some game feel differences.

We like to think of it like this:
.IO games are essentially a “Battle Royale”.
Multiplayer games are typically “Race” or “Co-op”.

It is a fine line for sure and there’s really no need to get caught up in semantics. In reality, it’s a label that nobody really cares about and most likely only true hardcore “.IO” fans will benefit from having that in the title. Maybe.

Games such as released way way back in 2015, released in March 2016 and later with the likes of, are true “.IO” games at their core.

Broadly speaking, the definition of an .IO would be a game that is free to play, traditionally browser-based casual game which has a multiplayer component. They have very few mechanisms and minimal, clearly defined graphics.

Now when it comes to the App Stores, sure they’re still free to play, albeit monetised by the usual ads, but developers and publishers upped the production by introducing 3D graphics and fancier environments to satisfy the players.

For Multiplayer games, the list to choose from is quite remarkable.

For Hyper Casual Games, ( wait what? .io? ) Fun Race 3D and Shortcut Run are definitely more aligned to a traditional race to the finish line vibe.

All have the multiplayer deeply seated in their game intention, where it’s beat the bots and travel faster than everyone else.

So is this genre dead and buried?

The trend of late has moved away from multiplayer / .io and you won’t have seen them flood the store like in the past, however, Bridge Race by Supersonic Studios is one game in particular that really caught our eye.

We took Bridge Race for a deep dive on the Hyper Casual Elite Workshop Show and it was fantastic to see how much the game had advanced through updates since we first played it on our weekly Academy Live Hyper Casual Games Show.

In a year where the “feminine theme”, “Auto-walkers” and “body morphing” games have dominated the charts, is there a place for these types of games? 

Well, don’t forget about Among Us!

Timing always plays a huge part and isn’t widely spoken about so maybe, just maybe, the market is ready for a shake up and something fresh yet widely familiar.

Next month on Hyper Elite Live we’ll be exploring two more game genres in the shape of “Music & Beats” and then the gigantic topic of Puzzles. If you want to come and get involved, join with us live and we’d love to see you there!

New Hyper Casual Game Releases!

There’s been plenty of new Hyper Casual Games released this month from the Top Publishers.

Huge congrats to our good friends over at Coda and Homa Games on reaching No.1 and 2 respectfully with their new games Court Master 3D” and Get Lucky 3D.

After jostling and ping ponging for the top position all through the early part of the month, they were both temporarily dethroned by Truth Runner by Taptekinc that made its way to 1st place after its steady rise since releasing on September 1st.

And let’s not forget both Milk Crate Challenge 3D and Crate Challenge 3D! that first launched on August 27th and 28th who also hit No.1 that same week too as did Voodoo with Destiny Run!


The word buoyant sums the top 10 up pretty well and it was tough to pick what to play. There’s no doubt that the constant onslaught of “Auto-Runners / Auto-Walkers” are super hot right now so it only seemed appropriate to test some out.

Yet another Homa Games release this time teaming up with Academy Veteran Member, and our good buddy Ciprian, from BulkyBrains bringing us Mashup Hero.

We’re losing count on the insanely talented members we have inside the Academy and we’re just honoured and thrilled to be cheering them on, great stuff indeed!

Rollic also pushed out 2 new titles and their Merge Barista game looks real pretty in the decoration meta. A real nod to the fact that with the power of their UA teams, the more traditional casual titles can make the cut for sure.

Hot off the hyper casual success of Court Master 3D, Coda are on a roll with Artist Life. We picked this up around the 6th when it was initially released from Oguzhan Kocak, who’s on our StoreSpy Watchlist, before moving over to the Coda account.

More Hyper Casual news comes from Lion Studios who snapped up 2 hugely successful games from Loop Games.

Match Tile 3D, and the probably better known, Match 3D have both been moved over to the Lion Studios account after the successful acquisition.

This makes a ton of sense and, whilst details of the deal are still undisclosed, no doubt it was a super healthy fat payday for the team at Loop and this certainly won’t be last of these kind of game scoops moving forward we’d say.

And last but by no means least, Playgendary are still proving that there’s a place for 2D titles in 2021 when executed well.

Save the Masters is a stunningly good looking, fun game and the character animations are knockout!

Here’s our round-up of some of the best new Hyper Casual Games we played this month.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for September 2021

Can you be the best Boss ever, or the worst? It’s the first day in your new role, so you get to hire or fire new employees or sneak a look at what your crew are up to when you’re not in the office. Play a series of fun mini games and decide whether you need to throw paper at your colleagues to wake them up or simply have some fun and play a few pranks on them instead.

This really is extreme basketball, aim and shoot through different combinations of moving target hoops and baskets to produce literally hundreds of balls! Reach the target scores to move on to the next hyper casual challenging game.

Calling all you foodies out there who’d like nothing more than to run your own shop! In this neat hyper casual sim game you get to slice the meat, trim the fish and dice cheese and much more, in true ASMR style. Save up all those satisfied customer tips to furnish your shop or upgrade your food machines.

Ok Sherlock, time to do your stuff! Don your forensic gear and solve crime cases by playing a series of mini games to reveal evidence, find clues and narrow down the murder suspects. Everything from fingerprint dusting, scanning for clues, inspecting victims fingernails and plenty more mechanics to keep all you wannabe detectives entertained.

It’s not easy being a rope-man, bits of your body simply unravel at really inconvenient times. No worries though, if you bump into an obstacle and start falling apart, just grab some yarn on your travels and rebuild yourself. Learn to fast track on a bike or swing over gaps and up onto platforms, collecting all those gems as you go to upgrade your character with different coloured yarns.
Who doesn’t want to build their own super hero, or several? Make your choice and race to collect body parts to assemble your legend, build up your power and hammer that baddie through the wall and into oblivion. Be careful to attach the right limbs to the right body though or your hero will be left limping or even crawling to the finish with no power left to finish the job.
Moon Pioneer - Voodoo

Moon Pioneer

Publisher: Voodoo

Become the ultimate pioneer and travel the universe, first you’ll need to do is build your rocket! With joystick controls, gather oil with the help of your crew and build factories to produce parts for your rocket ship, don’t forget to build a food plant to feed your hungry men, if they become exhausted your your oil supply will dry up and that rocket won’t be launched at all!
Escape your enemies by simply morphing into the best super hero for the job. Stealthily creep around undetected and avoid your enemies or take them out and collect all the money in the process. Get tactical and use your spider web to reach high platforms, grow some gills and lurk underwater, or just morph into the green beast and blast everyone away!
Run around everyone’s garden with your super duper lawn whizzer in this satisfying hyper casual sim game. You’ll reveal all manner of patterns under the grass, collect hidden veg and fruit in the undergrowth and explore a ton of new locations. See how many different plants you can add to your collection and transform the whole neighbourhood with those neatly mowed lawns.
Oilman! - Voodoo


Publisher: Voodoo

Oil! We need more oil! Climb down the ladder and set off to locate all the oil deposits underground. You’ll uncover gems while you’re busy digging, use them to trade with in the shop above ground to upgrade those pickaxes so you can dig even deeper. Soon the ladder will become a lift shaft and allow you to travel further to locate all the oil.

A fun game for all problem solvers and logic lovers out there. Rescue all the various characters from impending doom by slicing away at the ropes and setting them free. With stunning 2D graphics that we always see from Playgendary, if puzzling is your thing then you’ll surely enjoy this quirky and hilarious hyper casual game.

Shot Factor - Voodoo

Shot Factor

Publisher: Voodoo

Hordes of enemies on your tail and your gun’s a bit naff? Well let’s go about building a better one to blast them all away. Use the mods at your disposal and assemble multiple bullet clips to that naff gun of yours and hey presto, you have a gun worth shooting! Now it’s time to do battle with the baddies, watch out for their numbers though, they will clone once shot and produce a few more for you to deal with!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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