The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (March 2020)


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What’s New this month

We kick start the month with new hyper casual games from Kwalee, RadPirates and one of our favourite studios Boombit. A real good mix of game styles and mechanics and one in particular got overall super positive vibes from us and the chat, well worth a watch!

Then amazingly, 7 brand new hyper casual games find their way into the top ten including 2 games by newcomers Supersonic Studios.

This new publishing powerhouse was conceived by the Ad Network Ironsource and are looking to emulate what Applovin has done with Lion Studios. This is an epic move and there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing way more of them in 2020.

Then it was “Maker Week” as we played 2 tasty games from SayGames and Geisha and a DIY makeover from the Turkish game studio Panteon.

So here’s our roundup of the games we deconstructed this this month.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for March 2020

Run your own beach hut juice bar where you blend all the fresh fruit you can and turn them into delicious smoothies, yum! Complete as many orders as you can, preferably without loosing your fingers in the process.
As your role as a border control officer, it’s down to you to seek out those passengers concealing various contraband about their person. Reject or approve, based on what appears on the scanner screen and be sure not to let that “most wanted person” slip on by.
It’s time to design various houses and rooms in this top down simulation game. Once your done arranging your furniture and props, wait for the best offer and sell your creation.
Dribble Hoops - Voodoo

Dribble Hoops

Publisher: Voodoo

Man these arms are long! It’s a quirky, fun, first person view basketball game. Dribble and weave your way through the court and get that slam dunk! It is weird and we can’t get over those arms, did we mention those arms?
Using the classic touch time mechanic, drive your truck and deliver your goods without loosing them. The more packages you deliver, the more new trucks you get to unlock. Smart level design and another great title from SayGames.
It’s a fixer upper where you are tasked to renovate and restore run down houses. You’ll sand the floors, fill and plaster the walls, paint and decorate and then sell your fresh new pad to the highest bidder.
How do you hide when you are on a looting spree? You freeze once the torch light comes near and turn yourself into a box, obviously! A great looking, polished Hyper Casual Game for all you sneaky deaky wanna be burglars.
Overtake - Kwalee


Publisher: Kwalee

Overtaking is the game here. Choose your moments carefully and weave in and out of the oncoming traffic when you spy an opening. Drive through different locations at breakneck speed, just don’t prang that shiny car of yours!
Hmm Pizza! Mama mia! It’s time to run your own pizzaria. Knead the dough, grate the cheese and add toppings as per your customer requests. Lots of different control systems and varied gameplay makes this a very tasty Hyper Casual Game.
Another super chill puzzler from Supersonic, sort out all the mixed up coloured balls so that you are left with tubes containing the same colour to complete the level. A simple yet challenging Hyper Casual puzzle game for those who just love sorting stuff.

Ultimate Disc


Sadly, it appears that Ultimate Disc has been removed from the App Store. ( Edited: 28/04/2021 ).

Well will it? See just what happens to your prized possessions when they’re put through the shredder with realistic nerve jangling sounds. This is certainly a Hyper Casual Game for players hell bent on some fun destruction!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

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