The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (June 2021)


Whilst the summer tends to be a relatively slow one on the App Store, there’s still a ton of fresh releases to keep us entertained.

Here’s our recap of the top hyper-casual games released over the last 4 weeks and probably some of the best games we’ve played this year.

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What’s New this month

With Voodoo acquiring Bidshake early this month, it seems the consolidation of companies in the mobile space continues.

If you’re not familiar with Bidshake, this article will explain pretty well what they do.

Voodoo also launched their Summer Competition along with our good friends over at Homa Games.

This time around they’ve taken a twist from the norm as their HomaJam theme is Arcade Idle.

This is in direct response to a recent blog post where they’ve claimed a new hyper casual game genre of the same name. Pretty cool stuff.

Offering a whopping $250k along with some other prizes summer is certainly heating up.

You see all the details over on the HomaJam Registration Page.

Also this week, Buildbox have reversed, or at least back peddled, on their new pricing structure which on the surface seems way better.

If you’re a Buildboxer this is indeed good news but you’ll have to decide for yourself on this. Here’s all you need to know on that.

Academy Members Continue to Crush!

This month saw 2 huge successes from Academy members!

Our first RisingHigh’5 goes to all the team at Mood Games for attaining the pinnacle of all our hopes and reaching the No.1 spot.

Topping out on both the iOS store and GooglePlay, their hyper casual game Queen Bee published by Rollic has absolutely smashed the charts.

This is insane! We wish to all involved massive continued success.

The Second RisingHigh’5 is for Academy member Jason who, after landing a job over at Homa Games just a couple or so months back, released his first Hyper Casual hit Kaiju Run.

You can read an interview with Jason over on the Homa Blog and we’re thrilled to say Jason will joining us for video interview so look out for that coming your way real soon.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for June 2021

Use joystick controls to fire gatling guns, rockets, mortars and more at the huge enemy waves heading straight for your tower walls. Defend your position and take on mammoth bosses, upgrade your arsenal and call up airstrikes to help take out and defeat the armies. Just don’t run out of ammo before they reach your defence walls or it’s game over.

Become the master by gathering your crowd and leading them through numbered gates. Simply swerve left or right to select the highest value gate to multiply your crowd. Avoid the various obstacles in your path and crush the opposition as you make the right choices.
If you want to win this race you’ll need to be speedy with choosing the right equipment to help you! Use your tools to chop trees, dig under fences and build bridges. Jack hammer your way through rock, oh and that hanger will come in handy on the zipline to beat your opponent over the finish line.

Just how gross and messy can you get when running a race? Well very! Get off your phone girls, you’ll need all eyes on the road ahead when you set off running to beat your rivals. If you manage to dodge the swinging paint balloons or barrels then you’re the lucky one. On the other hand you could end up very wet or face planted down in the mud!

Your mission is to locate all enemy targets and eliminate them before your time runs out! Get behind the wheel of a fast car, jump on a motorbike, hop on a helicopter or get speedy in a jet ski. With a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal, all you need is a steady aim to make those first shots count.
Kaiju Run - HOMA GAMES

Kaiju Run

Publisher: HOMA GAMES

When there’s giant monsters roaming the city there’s only one thing for it, you have to grow your own monsters and fight back. Trouble is all your guys are small and cute! Teach them how to mutate and evolve into giant versions of themselves and you’re in with a chance to blast away those beasts from hell.

At the Mini Market it’s all about completing customer orders in this hyper casual simulation game. Learn to master the ultimate burger, make delicious smoothies, sort out the groceries and dish up the coolest bowls of ice cream. Use your earnings to build your own supermarket and upgrade your ingredients to please your customers and keep the crowds turning up for more.

Plug Head -

Plug Head


Charge it up Socket Man! Plug that super duper three pin head of yours into all kinds of sockets and spark your way through tons of fun levels in this cute hyper casual race game. Run against your opponent and simply plug yourself in at the right moment to get through all the obstacles. Make sure you time your moves to perfection and be careful not to bump your head!
Pistols at the ready! Be quick on the draw Johnny trigger style and take down the bad guys before they open fire on you! Enemies will come at you from every direction, so have your wits about you. Just tap to shoot and get as many headshots as you can, use explosive barrels and extinguishers to deal extra damage and take care not to shoot the innocent civilians.
Make beautiful poly art by connecting the stars into triangles to reveal the themed illustrations. From everyday objects to magical creatures and flowers, hone your logical skills and connect the right triangles to make your art work bloom in colour. A must for all you art and crafty puzzle people out there!

It’s race time. No car? No problem! Just charge like mad up the track collecting up the piles of car parts before everyone else to build your car, easy! Run through the portal and choose your  car, bike or a truck and aim for the finish line. Keep up your speed in the fast lane and avoid crashing to win the race.

Wet Hoops - Voodoo

Wet Hoops

Publisher: Voodoo

Cool off in the summer heat with a bunch of your buddies and a game of basketball in the pool. Simply hold and aim to pass to your waiting team mates, shoot from slides, bounce off trampolines, launch over nets and drop your basketball neatly into the net for that ultimate slam dunk!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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