The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (July 2021)


July turned out to be a stellar month for hyper casual game releases on the App Store and that just warms our mobile game developer hearts.

Here’s our top picks for the month and can’t wait to see what’s coming next in this fast paced landscape.

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What’s New this month

We’ve had a jam packed few days here at RisingHigh HQ as we recorded a ton of new content at the Academy.

Firstly we be published the recording of the interview with Academy Member Jason as he talks all about how he moved from creating Steam games to landing a job over at Homa Games and releasing his first Hyper Casual Hit, Kaiju Run.

Also released is the conversation of how to create a low CPI Video where Kevin sat down with Jake Parker, senior publishing manager at Kwalee, and they discussed the success of Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D from Tap2Play LLC.

What are the essentials that go into making a great CPI video, what to consider and avoid and overall some great tips on aspects to think about when making yours.


Publishing For All from CrazyLabs!

Crazy Labs announced Publishing for All as an aide to help game developers fund their projects..

CrazyLabs supports its partners and helps them release and scale games that may otherwise not have been published due to the numbers. Their new plan sets specific key performance indicators (KPIs) but puts the game developers interests first.

For your games to be considered for the program you’ll need promising retention or average revenue per user (ARPU), which will be defined per game, as well as a CPI of up to $0.8.

Your game will remain in your own developer account giving you full control and responsibility for the game including any updates and iterations.

Pretty cool indeed and, whilst you’ll still need to hit decent numbers, this is quite an offer.

As we predicted many many months ago, even years ago at this point, the games hitting the highest of KPI’s are few and far between making it super hard to keep on creating prototypes with essentially no ROI.

It’s tough, but then again, the rewards are high for the winners.

This may well indeed enable many to truly become a full time indie with more of a traditional games publishing model being offered.

There’s a ton of questions that need to be answered so we reached out to our friends at CrazyLabs to find out more. We’re delighted to say that they’ll be joining us for a special livestream where we’ll dive into all the details.

Watch this space!

Top Hyper Casual Games List for July 2021

Blob Merge 3D - Voodoo

Blob Merge 3D

Publisher: Voodoo

Ready to rock n blob? Release your numbered sticky bouncy buddies by simply sliding them to drop and merge with the blobs below. Once you’ve reached the number required to open the locks, your blobs will fall to start life again on the next level. Super satisfying gameplay in this 2048 style numbers match hyper casual game.
No slam dunks allowed, you gotta block everything man! Swipe your blocker high and do whatever you can in hilarious ragdoll manner, to stop the opposing team from getting their basketballs in the net. Challenge yourself with mega tall opponents, ball machines and much more. Just try not to gain too many fouls or it’ll be game over.
Obliterate the enemy and save the hostages! Fire caps from your booster gun and watch them stick and ignite, sending the bad guys hilariously flying in all directions, or get a perfect head shot for total lift off! Hit the explosive barrels and take out several enemies at once or try for a knee stick and watch them dance a little before sending them skyward.
Skate to perfection by choosing the correct jump, spin, twist and twirl as you glide your characters through their moves and clear the levels. Beautiful animations in this choices based hyper casual game and a joy to play, you must time your moves smoothly though, or you’ll be landing on the ice rather ungracefully!
This has to hold the title for the most varied mini games we’ve ever seen! Use all the tools and machinery in your logging camp to harvest, cut and gather all the logs you need to build your beautiful wood cabins. Every machine you can think of is at your disposal, master them all and become the expert logger and builder in this very neat hyper casual simulation game.
Doggface - Gamejam Co


Publisher: Gamejam Co.

Stack em high Doggface! Just how many skateboards can you collect and balance on while avoiding obstacles, grinding rails and drinking juice? It’s a high speed race to the end in this hilarious hyper casual auto runner.
It’s all about the mad crazy world of a crash test dummy in this physics based, hyper casual game. Learn how to traverse all the traps and whirling machinery with simple tap mechanics, whilst trying not to lose too many body parts in the process! Upgrade your armour as you progress and get that body tough enough to test out new cars, planes and even a boat.
Tie that monster down! Your army are relying on your air helicopter support to help them get through the castle walls and stop the monster beyond from destroying everything. Blow the castle walls and take out the watch towers. Work as a team and while your men shoot ropes to slow the beast, you’ll need all your timing skills to aim your shots at it’s weak red spot and bring it down.
Pancake Run - Voodoo

Pancake Run

Publisher: Voodoo

Well let’s face it, no summer is complete without yummy fresh fruity pancakes on the menu! Layer up your desert as you swerve through the levels and build the highest pancake tower ever, there’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed as you wobble your way to your waiting customers. Can you make a pancake tall enough to feed the mega mouth at the end of the queue though?
Pop Us! - SayGames LTD

Pop Us!

Publisher: SayGames LTD

Everyone loves the satisfaction of popping bubble games and with a ton on the store to choose from, we liked this version from SayGames. Make your own fidget toy, merge shapes in jigsaw fashion and get to pop the end result, with a vast selection of different puzzles, pop them all and see what you get to make next.
While we would class Squad Aplha is more casual than hyper casual, it just had to make our list for July for its outstanding polish and level design. Using joystick controls, move through the levels assembling your elite squad, arm them with super duper weapons and gear them up for endless action. Bosses, upgrades by the ton and missions a plenty, it’s another hit title from the SayGames Team and featured in ‘New Games We Love’ on the App Store.
This is where you get the chance to live the life of an influencer. Interact with your followers and make the right choices to increase your audience count. Live stream every day, take on challenges and accept fun dares. Become famous and earn enough to upgrade your room, your appearance and your look.

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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