The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (February 2020)


Another month and a fresh batch of Hyper Casual games to play! With tons of new releases it was tough to pick only 12, but 12 we must!

Each and every week inside the Academy we host Academy Live, our flagship weekly #gamedev and mobile game design show where we play and deconstruct the latest games in the world of hyper casual.

We deep dive into what makes them successful, and just why these hyper casual games are trailblazing the charts. This up to the minute research ensures we’re creating games that players will love and the Top Publishers will actually want.

It’s the best way to truly understand current hyper-casual game design at a deeper level.

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What’s New this month

Published by CrazyLabs and developed by Funny iGames, Dentist Bling went no.1 overall charts in the US.

We saw this trend probably around 5 or so years ago with all these types of dress up / sim games and now the big publishers are pushing them out in force.

This recent wave of “maker” type games are killing it and perhaps it’s not too late to put your twist on the genre.

Whilst we didn’t include Dentist Bling in our list for the month, it’s certainly a well built take on this genre.

We saw Parking Jam 3D by the recently exploding studio Popcore, release a full reboot of “Unblock Me” that was first out on the iPhone back in 2011 and is an excellent example of our “look to the past” technique.

It’s most certainly Slap month which seems to have come out of nowhere, and we have 3 games storming the charts using the Slap theme, all putting their own twist on mechanics.

Perhaps seeing a boost from a bizarre TikTok challenge which has hit the news this week, we obviously put them through their paces and see what all the fuss is about.

So here’s the run down of the 12 hyper casual games we put through their paces this month. These are simply the best hyper-casual games we saw out on iOS in February listed in alphabetical order.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for February 2020

Draw those wheels! Your very own creations will appear on your character, but will they win the race? Long legs for the stairs, short for the narrow gaps and how on earth are you going to swim?

Well just look at this, Food Games 3D is all about mini games and the first one up is a take on Pull the Pin, with sweets! Different gameplay types, mechanics and genres make this a tasty, snackable hyper casual experience for all ages.
Homer City - Mynet

Homer City

Publisher: Mynet

Dig out your favourite baseball bat and go on a window smashing spree. Simply swing your bat as the ball hurtles towards you and choose your high rise target. Collect characters as you compete against your opponent for the best score.
Flex those muscles as you play as the neighbourhoods favourite friendly nightclub bouncer. Using a tinder style control system, simply swipe left or right to either let in the cool cats or turn away the undesirables.
Ever been in a parking space you can’t get out of? Parking jam is all about clearing the parking lot safely, so try not to mow down Mavis with her walking frame or prang that BMW. Just figure out which cars need to leave first.
Parkour Race - MADBOX

Parkour Race

Publisher: MADBOX

Race to the finish line against multiple AI opponents in this fast paced parkour auto runner. Scale buildings, traverse ramps and fly through the air in this high quality hyper casual Academy favourite.
A must for puzzle addicts! Pull the pins to release the trapped colour balls so that they fall to the collecting tank. A super chill hyper casual puzzler, just beware of those strategically placed bombs!
When it come to Hyper Casual Games, Sky Roller is an excellent choice. Don your roller skates in this reaction auto runner you’ll need to weave in and out of obstacles, glide along ramps and make sure you seriously get your skates on.
Step up for some hilarious slapping in this high production, great looking game. With a simple tap timing controls, progress through various locations taking on different opponents and levelling up as you go in an idle based system.
Slap Masters sees you dispensing a queue of likeminded slap’sters as you time your swing towards to green bar. With low-poly graphics and decent animation try as you will to make a domino chain effect which is super satisfying.

This looks and plays like arm wrestling. Play in a tournament, size up your opponents and use your crosshair to give perfect aim straight to the head for that winner knockout blow. Level up your health and power each round for more slapping power!

Design your own trainers ( sneakers ) in Watermarbling, create patterns and colour combos with ease by dunking your fresh set of shoes into the colour tank. Display your creations in your very own shop!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

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