The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (August 2021)


August and the summer months in general are always a funny time on the app stores. Historically a slow period for hyper casual game releases, this year seemed to follow the trend but there was still a fair few games especially towards the end of the month.

Here’s our top picks for the month and the latest hyper casual games that caught our eye.

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What’s New this month

August saw the launch of our brand new series “Hyper Elite Live Workshops” inside the Academy and we had a blast!

Think of these as companion workshops to Hyper Casual Elite and we’ll be deep diving into each section one by one.

These live workshops are great exercises in brainstorming ideas and flex your game ideation muscles and hopefully spark some fresh ideas.

We kicked things off with a deep dive into the Drawing Genre and took a birds eye view of the games in our Hyper Casual Elite Game Genre Reference Library.

Hyper Casual Game Genres
Hyper Casual Games by Genre ( taken from inside Hyper Casual Elite )

After playing some of the drawing games from our list, along with some newer released titles, we then moved over to the Academy StoreSpy and the new top charts to brainstorm some ideas for prototypes.

This is a really powerful exercise and great for sparking outside the box thoughts and getting those creative juices flowing. We shared a few seeds of ideas including fusing a drawing aspect into the increasingly popular “Choosing” mechanic.

Next up we explored the Idle Genre and in particular the new sub-genre “Arcade Idle”.

Coined by Homa Games back in July 2021, we dove into this new trend of hyper casual playable Idle games.

The Idle genre is certainly alive and kicking and wide open for land grab right now in the Hyper Casual space.

I’ve spent way too much time than I care to admit making cafe’s and serving coffee by tapping mindlessly on my screen! 

But hey, it’s kinda fun.

It was a perfect time for a deep dive as TapNation just released their new game “Idle Maggots” and BoomHits launched “Raft Life” just last week.

We explored this new era of “Arcade Idle”, or playable Idle games, and figure out why it’s a perfect example of game fusion and why the opportunities are almost endless to “Hyper Casual’up” this genre to the max.

September we’ll dive into the “Mini Games” and “Multiplayer / .IO” genres and how we can innovate and potentially discover any new opportunities there.

If you want to get involved and stay up to date with all the latest hyper casual games trends then we’d love for you to join us inside the Academy.

More Crazy Hyper Casual Acquisitions!

Well it’s all happening again as we predicted and there’s been some notable acquisitions!

Top hyper casual publisher CrazyLabs announced that they acquired India-based studio Firescore Interactive.

Based in Mumbai and formed just short of 4 years ago, Firescore boast over 200 Million downloads with their hit games Soap Cutting, Acrylic Nails and most recently Hair Dye!

Pretty darn impressive and they’ve certainly found their groove and know what works and how to deliver popular games.

Furthermore, CrazyLabs also announced that they are 1 of 8 new companies to join the Embracer Group.

We’d never heard of Embracer before and as you can imagine, with billions of dollars involved, it get’s pretty complicated. We briefly went through the slides of the press release presentation  on Academy Live 209, and if you are interested to know more, you can watch that in full here.

Rovio throws it hat in the Hyper Casual Games Ring

In more acquisition news, big guns Rovio announced that they have just snapped up hyper casual studio Ruby Games.

Ruby Games employs 34 people in Izmir, Turkey, and was founded in 2018. They’ve launched 13 games of which eight have reached Top 10 in the iOS Free games chart with three hitting the #1 position.

The combined downloads of Ruby Games exceed 600 million.

Probably best know for Hunter Assassin which was the sixth most downloaded game across all categories in 2020 worldwide. More recently last month, and a game we deconstructed in Academy Live 207, is Streamer Life!

That hit the No.1 spot at the end of July and stayed there for a week.

I thought this was a super interesting quote from Rovio CEO Alex Pelletier-Noramand. ( Epic Name BTW! )

‘’With the acquisition of hyper-casual game studio Ruby Games, we are taking an important step forward in our growth strategy. By entering the rapidly growing hyper-casual market we are enriching our audience base and offering our players a more diverse portfolio of titles’’.

I think it’s safe to mention that all those nay sayers who reckoned hyper casual games won’t last have some serious egg to remove from their faces!

So all in all, whilst the summer months are historically slow for games on the App Store, there was still plenty of activity and here’s our roundup of the best Hyper Casual Games that we played this August.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for August 2021

Castle Raid! - Voodoo

Castle Raid!

Publisher: Voodoo

It’s a raid! Lead your army by cutting away the grass to make a path to the enemy Castle, great fortune waits the brave once you get through the defences and get your hands on the treasure chest. Choose the right path though, as this makes the difference between growing a large conquering army or being left with just a few wandering soldiers.
It’s all in the rockets and balloons in this neat hyper casual puzzle game from Supersonic Studios. Get your little blue guy to drop down the hole by any means possible. Attach balloons to make him float and rockets to help steer him to make the perfect drop. Obstacles in the way? Just attach balloons to those too and clear the path, great fun for anyone who just loves working things out.
Flex Run 3D - Voodoo

Flex Run 3D

Publisher: Voodoo

Looks like it’s time to tone up those gymnast muscles! Simply slide your finger left and right to pose your super flexible character into just the right position to avoid crashing into the oncoming obstacles. A fun and challenging hyper casual game from the Voodoo masters that will see you trying the craziest poses ever.
Play as the hungry kid and hunt down the snack, or play as the snack and hide from the kid. Hmm, well the kid won the toss, so let’s go find something yummy to eat! Using joystick controls, seek out the snacks that have run and hid around the house. Push everything out of the way to find them and if that doesn’t work, collect a bat or two and smash up the furniture! If you’re playing as the snack, just run for cover. Oh, and don’t get caught by dad!

Make the biggest human wheel possible in this hyper casual runner from Tastypill. Start off running alone and gather up as many people as you can, then lead your rotating humans over obstacles and gaps. The bigger wheel you have, the more your humans can help bridge gaps and reach platforms, they’ll even line themselves up on the finish wall to help you reach the treasure chest.

It’s time to fine tune your car, hit the gas full throttle and enter the manic race of a lifetime! Compete all over the world, meet awesome bosses in their rigged out cars, just ready to make your ride that bit more hair-raising. You just need to keep your car in control and out of the way of your rivals, avoid all obstacles and make sure your car stays on the road to the end.
Man Overboard! Your ship has disappeared beneath the waves and the fastest way to reach land is to gather resources and build that raft. In this arcade idle sim you use simple joystick controls and run around to collect fish, grow trees, harvest fruits and maybe gather a pet or two to help you. Chop wood and expand your raft to house all your livestock and farming fields, keep an eye out for that darn shark and beat him off before he eats your floating home.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Well it could be anything that gets you over that race line first, so make sure you pick the right transformation for the job. You need to adapt fast, so keep an eye on the terrain ahead. Make your choice from all the options available to you and change to a boat, hang glider, car or fly over those hills in a helicopter or simply run like mad to reach the end of the course.

Get your thinking caps on folks, the longest answer counts here if you don’t want to get eaten alive by sharks in the water! Build your tower the tallest by finding the biggest answer, outlast all your opponents and keep your feet, and more, from getting wet in the rising tide! As hyper casual games go, this is a super fun and well made trivia quiz from Rollic Games.

Be the master of walking the walk by simply tapping to take a step and making sure you smash all the fidgets, bugs and objects under those heels of yours. Avoid banana skins, bombs and spikes or you’ll not make it to the finish line in one pretty piece. Pick up some cool clothes on the way and even adorn your ankles with a butterfly tattoo.
Calling all tower defence commanders to your posts ASAP! Use your tactical skills to take control of all the enemy towers and be the campaign winner. Swipe to connect your towers, grow your army and send them to obliterate the enemy forces. Unlocking new areas comes with new enemies aplenty, along with blockades and a sprinkling of deadly mines. Build artillery posts and tank factories to help you win the war.
We’re off to the Zoo! Manage all the animals in your care and learn how to be the best Zoo Tycoon ever in this mini game extravaganza from SayGames. All aspects of animal care has been put in your capable hands. Sort out the lions and alpacas into their pens, hose down that really dirty elephant, show the chimps where their stash of bananas are and feed the crocs very, very carefully!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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