Our Top 10 App Store screenshots best practices

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This week we discuss our top tips on App Store screenshots best practices. When creating enticing, informative and exciting screenshots you need to master the art of how to fully show off your games potential.

Our Top 10 tips and tricks for designing your killer visuals will guide you through all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating App Store screenshots.

With just a few precious seconds to grab players attention, your screenshots need to pack a punch and convince them to hit that get button.

As the old adage goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and for your App Store screenshots, this is most certainly true.

Whether it’s including Marketing Strap lines, highlighting key aspects and features or even creating a mini tutorial, our Top 10 App Store screenshots best practices will boost your conversion rates and get more people downloading your new mobile game.

Our Top 10 App Store screenshots best practices

  1. Always show off the most exciting parts of your games, think Action Shots, Explosions, Movement “Swooshes”.
  2. Always include Characters if you have them.
  3. Add banners to explain to benefits and features, 3 to 5 Words is usually best, keep it short n snappy. Ensure you Check for Typo’s and Grammar.
  4. Think about translation + professional services ( Gengo & Onesky ).
  5. Consider using a story or tutorial sequence to explain the gameplay.
  6. Add variety, make sure all your screenshots are different.
  7. Use all 10 screenshot spaces now available in the Apple App Store.
  8. Don’t use stretched images.
  9. Avoid including UI screens unless they’re interesting or look really cool.
  10. Remove and Ad Network Banners and device status bars.

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