The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (September 2020)


With the sheer volume of hyper casual games to be released each week, it’s always great to see games that disrupt the market and blow up the internet.

September certainly has a fresh new viral sensation.

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What’s New this month

It’s official, Among Us, by the 3 person Dev team InnerSloth, takes pole position as the #No.1 in the App Store game chart, but not only that, it’s number 1 in the overall US store, ker’ching indeed!

Not just settling for App Store domination, they’re also top of the pops on Steam too, beating out the Fall Guys and countless other “Triple A” games.

It just goes to show that even a small indie dev team of 3, through sheer hard work and utter determination, along with constant updates, can get picked up by some influential streamers. The result was shooting this 3 year old game to the top of the iOS & Steam Charts.

Whist it’s a new game on me, there’s no doubt it’s been a massive Indie hit over on Steam, where it boasts over 28k positive reviews since its release in November of 2018.

Pretty incredible results for a desktop port and certainly something to think about in your strategy too!

Sitting at the number 2 slot is the relatively new RacerKing by Small Beautiful.

Yet another studio based out of Lyon ( what the heck do they put in that water in France? ) they’re certainly are no strangers to gamedev or hyper casual games.

Juicy Publishing, the UA publisher pushing RacerKing is in Lyon too, and was founded by the creators of Escape, formerly published by Ketchapp.

They are also the team behind Snake VS Block published by Voodoo in 2017 amassing more than 200 Millions downloads.

They’ve already pumped BallPaint by Radpirates to Top 4 US games & SummerWheelie by BadIdea to Top 70 US.

Voodoo Vs. Rollic – Plagiarism

Certainly a landmark month for the legal team at Voodoo winning a case of plagiarism against, now Zynga owned, Rollic games.

Going head to head with their versions of Woodturning vs Woodshop respectively, this has set quite the precedent moving forward in the mobile space. Whilst not a new thing by any stretch, we’ve not seen 2 heavyweights come to court like this in the hyper casual genre.

Typing Mechanic Game Control System

We first checked out Type Run by Voodoo 2 weeks back in Academy Live 167 and it was clear that this was an early release.

We speculated that this was most likely due to the ridiculously similar game, Hyper Typer ( since pulled from the store ) crushing the charts at the same time as Type Run. Voodoo clearly rushed to dominate this somewhat unique gameplay mechanic.

First to market is always so important.

Voodoo have not rested on their chart ranking and have pushed out some really interesting and powerful updates.

It’s a completely different experience and 1000% better than the first and kinda boring version we played first time around. It’s a great insight into iterations and the continued evolution of a concept.

So many cool hyper casual games this month and we’ve certainly been entertained. We’ve super enjoyed our deep dive deconstructions and can’t wait to see what hits the store next month.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for September 2020

Neat looking puzzle game where your goal is to move the ball through the maze to the finish line. Tap, slide and turn the coloured control buttons to manoeuvre your ball through a maze of traps and try not to fall off the edge.

Pedal to the metal in this fast paced, action packed top down 3D racer. Drift round corners, activate fever mode and jump the tracks to short cut your way to the chequered flag. 

Emergency, emergency! There’s a fire going on and you’re the one to save the day. Grab that handy water hose and run around the burning buildings, extinguishing the flames as you go.

In the words of Arnie Schwarzenegger “Get to the Choppa!” Circle over various army outposts, gunning down as you go. Be sure to dodge the oncoming bullets and avoid being shot down.

Perfect Golf - MADBOX

Perfect Golf

Publisher: MADBOX

A minimal and yet satisfying take on golf. Simple pull back controls allow for precise accuracy and makes this extremely fun on your quest for that elusive hole in one.  

Learn to multi task in the cop shop. Catch the traffic speeders, tow away cars and give chase in helicopters in this police simulation game with a whole list of mini games to complete during your day of work as an officer. 

Watch the ground fall away from beneath your car as you try and win one very furious race! Bump other racers to get them out the way and don’t fall down the holes. Be the last one standing to win the crown.

Run through buildings and leap on the nearest road glider and soar through the skies, swoop to pick up coins, avoid crashing into walls and balloons and make it through in one piece. 

Chaotic fun in this multiplayer physics based obstacle race. Wait for everyone to gather at the start and then run! Barge and bump your competitors, push through turn styles, navigate mazes and avoid those huge bouncing balls that will come your way. 

Super satisfying and mad parkour racing, grapple swing through the huge metropolis hooking onto skyscraper cranes. Swing down to ground level and grab a skateboard or drop into the river and pick up a jet ski to beat all your opponents to the winning line.

Come on, Stick em up! Give it your best shot and punch, kick and knock your opponents out by swiping up on your screen to control the fight. Become the champion and beat everyone from down town.

Wrestling - Kyrylo Venzhyn


Publisher: Kyrylo Venzhyn - Account Removed

Fight one, fight all, anything goes in this hilarious wrestling simulation. Just pull back, take aim and hurl yourself across the ring in the general direction of the other guy in a leotard, or slam dunk him from the corner posts for optimal results!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

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