The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (October 2020)


Among Us still reigns supreme and holds onto the number one spot!

Fighting off all the competition from other hyper casual games released, this will have to be some kind of record as I don’t recall another game in recent times holding consistently the number 1 spot of the App Store, crazy!

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What’s New this month

This month inside the Academy saw some great conversations over in our private community forums. In particular a fantastic post by Christoph regarding his new journey in switching game engines.

Switching game engines is a super big and scary move. Learning all the new skills required is a massive undertaking and certainly not one to be rushed into. 

Whilst it’s probably no surprise that Unity was his choice, moving from Buildbox to Unity using Playmaker is a steep learning curve.

This is really close to my heart also, as towards the end of 2021 will see us return to building our own games and we’ll looking at this very subject more in depth for sure.

If you’re an existing Academy Member I highly recommend go cheer him and give the post a like. It’s a very honest account and super informative and if you’re thinking about the move from Buildbox to Unity, his insights will be invaluable.

Top Hyper Casual Publishers – Q3 / 2020

Also this month we take a look at Apptopia’s Top Hyper Casual Publishers for Q3 report and see the who is winning the install, output and growth race.

Top Hyper Casual Game Publishers - Growth by Apptopia
Top Hyper Casual Game Publishers - Growth by Apptopia

Whilst there’s probably no surprise for the top spot, the absence of a few may well raise some eyebrows.

It was super interesting to this growth chart and especially nice to see our good friends over at Homa Games making their mark with impressive numbers indeed.

Incase you missed it, be sure to catch our interview with Interview with Olivier Le Bas, CEO of Homa Games where we discuss everything Hyper Casual games and publishing.

Speaking of Homa Games, with their Game Jam almost drawing to a close this month, we take a look at Academy Member Simon’s entry, “Where’s the Thief”.

We were lucky enough to have Simon join us live on the stream and we discussed the pro’s and con’s of his experience. Super insights on his experience of the GameJam, how he approached it and his neat little game entry.

How to improve my CTR Video

Academy Member Faisal kindly shared a CTR video he recently tested that didn’t quite make the numbers. We played his video and we figure out what potentially could’ve gone wrong and what we could do differently. 

This is a really great exercise and it’s always important to get feedback, especially when things don’t go as well as you’d hoped.

There was some awesome suggestions from members who joined us live on the show. Often when you’re so deep inside your projects you need to take a step back from things, especially in hyper casual game design, to be able to see the bigger picture.

Of course there were also some awesome hyper casual games to deconstruct this month and here’s our picks of the best we saw in October.

We highly recommend Roof Rails and Shortcut Run especially, both by Voodoo.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for October 2020

You play as Agent Zero in a world full of bad guys who want nothing more than to take you out. Head down town through buildings and parks and hunt down the enemy, hit the touch time wheel on the perfect green to score the best hit.

Let’s shoot hoops! Simply flick up on the screen to throw your basketball and win a perfect score. Dozens of courts to unlock and endless fun games of basketball to play.

It’s all about the chat lines. Choose how to answer the conversation scenario and then complete one or two fun, quick mini games to complete the challenge.

Force Master - Voodoo

Force Master

Publisher: Voodoo

Get a grip with a cool set of really blue hands! Be the force master, swipe and push away annoying obstacles and enemies who get in your way. Pick up explosive barrels and throw them, shift and jumble up entire rooms with just your hands!

Gang Blast - ZPLAY

Gang Blast

Publisher: ZPLAY

Protect the people! Gangs are loose in the city and it’s down to you to eliminate them. From your helicopter, use your sniper scope to hunt them out and send your rockets flying to blast them apart.

Don your super hero costume and race like the Flash across treacherous highways, smash the baddies when you catch them but mind the oncoming traffic!

Calling all wannabe Doctors. Run your own hospital and treat patients from ailments to broken bones. Unlock new rooms and learn different treatments by playing a very cute variety of mini games. 

Match 3D - Loop Games

Match 3D

Publisher: Loop Games

It’s a Match 3D! Sort through all the animals, food and cute stuff and match up 2 of a kind. Solve the puzzle when everything has been paired together. An easy, relaxing play with countless packs of new objects to unlock and sort through.

Roof Rails - Voodoo

Roof Rails

Publisher: Voodoo

You’re the master of the rooftops. Armed with your trusty pole, run and collect extra pole extensions while avoiding obstacles that will simply cut your pole short! Launch off roof edges and glide your way down, just make sure your pole is long enough.

Shortcut Run - Voodoo

Shortcut Run

Publisher: Voodoo

Run like a madman and collect all the boards you can, pile them high and use them to lay down short cuts through the course to win the race. It’s easy as long as all the other racers keep out of your way and don’t shortcut you!

Stair Run - Voodoo

Stair Run

Publisher: Voodoo

Build those stairs! Run and collect your stair pieces and once you have a huge wobbly pile to be proud of you can start building stairways to gain higher coin platforms. Just avoid all the obstacles that will get in your way.

Run around the tile platform and avoid all the holes in the floor or you’ll drop down to the level below. Use trampolines to blast yourself to high levels and try to beat all your opponents in this fun and unusual hyper casual game

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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