The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (November 2020)


A super busy time here at the RisingHigh HQ as we’re working hard on a complete rebuild of the Academy, 3.0. But that doesn’t stop Academy Live and checking out all the latest hyper casual games were released in November.

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What’s New this month

We’ve been working on Academy 3.0 for a good few months now and, just like any project, we’ve hit our fair share of snags and challenges.

After much consideration and deliberation, we decided to postpone the rollout a few weeks but this does ensure 2021 starts with a bang!

This means there’s nothing major to report on this month aside from checking out all the latest hyper casual games prototypes that hit the App Store along with the biggest games from the top publishers.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for November 2020

Load up with arrows and show off your archer skills. Run, aim and tap to fire your arrows into moving targets, get good and you’ll be somersaulting and hitting bullseyes even while you spin. 

Tower racing is a fast and hilarious hyper casual game. Climb your buddy to the top and avoid being punched in the face by random rows of boxing gloves that are obviously part of the building! Make it to the top and celebrate your win.

Dig Rescue - LolTap

Dig Rescue

Publisher: LolTap

Ever need to rescue your friends and you just can’t find them? Just switch on your ‘friend’ tracker and go sniff them out. Once they’re all accounted for you can lead them to the high wall to escape. Too high? Well just stand on top of each other. Its what friends are for.

Gun Boys - Mempic LTD

Gun Boys

Publisher: Mempic LTD

Make your strategic moves count as you and your opponent take turns to tap and move your little gun guys along their set courses. Who will plan their moves right to have their enemy or explosive barrel straight in line of sight?

Pixel Master - OHM Games

Pixel Master

Publisher: OHM Games SAS

Sadly, it appears that Pixel Master has been removed from the AppStore. ( Edited: 07/05/2021 ).

A real super smooth glide of a game and an enjoyable play. Bomb a hill and hit a 360 as you make big air and fly past your opponents, grabbing the coins as you go. Change out your gear and spend those coins.

Can you reach the top of the tower? Throw to attach your rope to the poles on each platform and swing your way to victory collecting your fellow climbing gang as you go. The helicopter is waiting.

A super exciting car chase in glorious GTA style 3D! Dodge, swerve and be careful not to scrape too many vehicles as you race through the Rush Hour traffic. Try to be a safe driver or the cops will soon be on your tail.

You are the last samurai and you must honour your phone. Swipe to slash, slice and dice the oncoming enemies including giant bosses and angry oversized fruit! Tons of weapons & outfits to unlock in the dojo store. - DEVGEIM

Publisher: DEVGEIM

The object is simple. Smash’em! Using a classic joystick control system, run around the arena and the more you smash your opponents, the bigger your weapon becomes. We like the hammer although the plunger is deadly.

Stretch Guy - Yso Corp

Stretch Guy

Publisher: Yso Corp

This neat little puzzler has you extending your arms and legs to climb & stretch up walls avoiding the various deadly obstacles. There’s plenty of replayability here as one stretch too far and you’ll pop apart. 

Wacky Run - Voodoo

Wacky Run

Publisher: Voodoo

How do you make a sausage roll? Let it fly down the hill in Wacky Run! Avoid the chop as you jump, squeeze and wobble your way around each course. Even if you get sliced it’s not the end as, whilst you’ll be slower, you’ll still live to race on. Hot Dawg!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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