The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (March 2021)


A truly epic month for us and the community here at the Academy! So much happening and so many awesome hyper casual games to play it’s been hard to keep up with all the new releases! 

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What’s New this month

We had a total blast over the weekend being mentors and judges at the Going Hyper Casual Winter 2021 Game Jam.

Huge congrats to all the people who took part and especially the winners who scooped the prizes and will be joining the RisingHigh family, welcome!

The quality of the games was awesome and it was tough judging, but as said, it was a lot of fun and got us thinking… AcademyJam 2021 anyone?

Academy Member Wins Voodoo’s Regional Game Jam

March sure is turned out to be a monumental month for the Academy and our Members!

Drum Roll Pleeeease…

A Huuuge congrats to Academy Member Faisal for winning regional prize of $20K in (south Asia) in Voodoo’s latest runner competition.

Having watched the game grow and speaking several times on the design of the game, we could be more thrilled for him. This is simply amazing and we’re completely blown away by your result and this huge achievement.

It’s a great game and truly deserved, well done sir!

Congratulations are most certainly in order too for Jason who landed a game developer job over with our friends at Homa Games, this month.

This is just incredible news and we wish him all the success in his new role.

The next Rising’High 5 goes to Christoph for submitting his first Unity game to the Appstore and reaching this milestone.

This is no small feat and it’s been great to see his journey over on his Devlog.

Team Panteon’s new release, Sling Plane 3D, has taken off and is currently flying high at No.12 in the US overall games charts right now.

This is fantastic and long may it soar higher and higher!


Academy 3.0 is Launched!

It been a long road but we’re thrilled to announce that Academy 3.0 is out the door and ready. You can check out all the Academy 3.0 details here.

Aside from a fresh lick of paint, we’ve added a ton of new features and content as we’re super proud of what we’ve built.

With so much excitement we still managed to deconstruct a ton of hyper casual games and here’s our selection for March.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for March 2021

Aim and fire! Demolition blast ‘em all game with realistic graphics and explosions. How many shots will it take to take apart railway bridges, blow holes in fiver dams or bring down jets? You have a limited supply of rockets so be accurate and make every shot count.

Collecting up everyone’s rubbish is not easy, but hilarious when you’re not too hot at handling the garbage truck! Once you’ve got that under control you’re off on your routes earning money to upgrade your truck with new vacuums and claws for expert rubbish disposal.

Yes come on, get it right! You have a set number of moves to solve the code and win the round in this clever hyper casual game.  Based on the classic game Mastermind, can you solve the puzzle before you run out of moves?

Just how do you defeat an army of alien robots? You get busy in your lab and create a ton of heroes, load them up with superpowers and send them out to meet the invasion head on. Unlock new elements and powers to gather yourself an army of mighty fighters.

Hoopmasters - Estoty


Publisher: Estoty

Be the best slam dunker. Race against other players and score the best hoops, score those perfect shots and turn your ball into a fireball. Make it to the finish and duel it out in the hot shot finale.

With icy powers at your fingertips you can stop all the city thugs right where they stand. Aim those freezy mitts at the enemy and watch them shatter to smithereens, upgrade your powers to blizzard level and destroy them all before your time runs out.

Mrs RPG - Lion Studios


Publisher: Lion Studios

One try, one shot! Arm yourself with your weapon of choice and launch your missile to make perfect explosive contact, go for an RPG launcher or laser cannon and make it count. Demolish vehicles, gas tanks, buildings and bridges in this realistic physics game.

Get in your jeep mudder trucker, it’s time for some off-road mudding! Try to keep all four wheels on the ground as you race against your opponent in the muddiest course on earth! Upgrade to bigger buggies and trucks, take on the mud pits and win the mudding race.

Rescue your citizens against the hordes of nasties attacking your town. Hang out the back of your speeding jeep and fire at the bad crowd before they get to your people. You can’t rescue everyone so make your decisions wisely in this hyper casual fast paced racing game.

The towns, parks and buildings are full of zombies!!  It’s down to you of course, to put the world right. Outsmart and outwit the gangs and save the people using machine guns and sniper rifles. Deploy bombs and missiles and blow the enemy away.

Warning! Top speed car racing game with no brakes! You do, however, have a nifty timeshift power switch, so if you end up hurtling too fast along the tracks and you’ve crashed your nice car, you can simply turn back time and do it again, properly. Handy!


Z Escape

Publisher: HOMA GAMES

Yet more fleeing people to rescue from zombies! Your helicopter will circle above buildings and towns while you do your best to provide fire cover for citizens trying to escape the growing mob. Well crafted and great level design makes this is a great hyper casual addition to HOMA’s extensive portfolio.

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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We love it, our Academy Members love it and we think you’ll love it too.

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