The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (July 2020)


Another month and another RisingHigh Academy first, 6 Live shows in July, ooof!

Aside from all the hyper casual games we checked out, we also did a super deep dive deconstruction on our Game of the Month for May, Wobble Man by Ohayoo.

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Another Academy Member Signs with Voodoo

A huge hyper congrats goes to Academy Member Ivan for his game Pull Ups published and released by Voodoo!

It always blows us away to see successes like this, just incredible. Be sure to head over to the store and download the game, rate a big 5 stars and leave your review.

It really goes to show the quality of game devs we have here at the Academy, just amazing. Once again, great job Ivan!

There are some months when the charts just seem to stagnate, and then the complete opposite happens with an explosion of new hyper casual games, and this was one of those explosive months.

In a special live workshop, Academy Member Christoph kindly shared his game Clean Up 3D, a cool take on the Voodoo’s Brush Hit. We discussed game design, game mechanics and ways he could potentially increase his CTR, which is currently around 1.5.

We all really enjoyed this one and it’s always great to work on those creative muscles, a super powerful exercise for sure. Whilst we understand that sharing ideas is tricky due to potential copying, by doing these post-mortems we can understand collectively what went well and what didn’t.

Finally Beat Blade, the Beat Saber clone, reached the number one spot on the store this month. We first saw the developer/s, Yao Su Lu ( translated ), start pumping the game heavily on TikTok around the 23rd of June.

Since then it’s been continuously rising until hitting top of the pops on the 6th July, pretty impressive stuff and congrats, it’s a neat take for mobile.

Now, whilst Feet and Tie Dying themes dominate the Top 10, it’s certainly a melting pot of hyper casual genres and mechanics. With puzzle based and tap timing hyper casual games still a super strong trend right now. It seems pretty much anything could work.

We focussed in and played a “Non-game Game” satisfaction experience in Shake Down Balls that looked neat but had a somewhat luke warm reception in the chat.

Subway Surfers hits No.1 on the iOS Games chart

Co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO Games, both private companies based in Denmark, Subway Surfers was initially released way way back at the end of May 2012.
Boasting over 2.7 billion downloads around the world, Subway Surfers was named the most downloaded mobile game of the decade by App Annie, essentially making it the most downloaded game ever.
The game has had a couple of recent updates, but sifting through the recent comments, of which it’s averaging a staggering 160 per day in the last 2 weeks, it seems the ever powerful Tik Tok is playing its role in this recent boost.
There’s no competing with a push from them and no surprise it took the top spot.
Voodoo is once again dominating overall however and their relentless output continues.
We play tested Jumpero which is an interesting take on a runner, Scribble Rider, a neat game fusion of Rolly Legs and Draw Climber and then Go Karts, pretty much Mario Kart with a sprinkle of Aquapark .io.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for July 2020

Bullet Rush! - Voodoo

Bullet Rush!

Publisher: Voodoo

This run around shooter will have you looking every which way at once! You’ll be surrounded very quickly by hoards of enemies so keep your finger on the fire button. Trigger your firemode to eliminate dozens in one go! 

Go Karts - Voodoo

Go Karts!

Publisher: Voodoo

One touch controls make this racing hyper casual game a fun pick up and play. Race against your opponents and win any way you can. Fly off ramps and paraglide to take short cuts or bump other karts that get in your way.

Jumpero - Voodoo


Publisher: Voodoo

It’s time to throw yourself into the race, literally! Launch your robot head first over barriers, run and jump walls or summersault over oncoming boulders. Grab boosters to turn into a spinning fireball and ram through everything in your path.

Run and build ladders to reach higher platforms and beat your race opponents. Collect all the jetpack fuel you can on the way and you can launch yourself skyward and take a short cut over platforms to win the race.

Use your skills as an undercover agent to sneak past armed guards, security cameras and laser beams without being caught. Earn cash to unlock and upgrade your weapons, level up up your spy tactics and face off the boss.

Hunt down your targets by steering your murder hornet in their direction, he’ll be only too happy to give your victim a bit of a nasty sting! Grow your hive of stingers and eliminate all your enemies.

Draw your very own set of fancy pancy wheels and see how they fare in the race to the finish line. You’ll need to be quick on the draw and change your wheel ideas when it comes to driving through water or up tricky terrain though!

On of those super satisfying hyper casual games. Use tools to smooth out the balls and paint them to reveal the picture, peel them from the rotating cylinder when you’re done and get ready to paint yourself a new masterpiece.

You’re just the coolest ninja with assassination skills to match. Bad guys and bosses are no match, just arm yourself with an arsenal of swords and weapons, grab a bullet proof vest and let’s go. Risky and bloody missions await!

Tie N Dye - Voodoo

Tie N Dye

Publisher: Voodoo

Run your own tie n dye beach shop and complete customers orders for wacky coloured t shirts and swim suits. Simply dip your clothes in the coloured dye pots to create the desired effect and iron your creations for the perfect finish.

Fast paced touchdown action where you’ll run like a madman to gather up your team mates. They’ll help you get past your opponents, over obstacles and moving barriers to land you at that winning touchdown goal.

If you can pick it up and throw it well then, pick it up and throw it! Knock all your opponents from the game by grabbing hold of the nearest object and swiping everyone from your path. Fun and mad physics based rag doll fighting.

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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