The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (January 2021)


A new year, a new decade! We’re back after our short festive break and checkout all the latest hyper casual games that hit the stores in January.

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What’s New this month

We looking towards making 2021 a whole ton better than 2020, I mean, it just has to be right?

We start this month talking about some of our goals for the year and why it’s good to set yourself up for success with realistic milestones.

Academy Member Christoph shares a latest game build on his awesome Game Devlog over on our private community forums, and we discuss some changes he could try.

It’s incredible to see the progress he’s made in just a few short months and it’s truly inspiring.

Perhaps this year it’s your goal to start a Devlog to document your journey?

New Feature Inside the Academy

Introducing Video Chapters
Introducing Video Chapters

As we continue to work hard behind the scenes on rolling out Academy 3.0 in the first quarter this year, one big change is the introduction of Chapters in all our videos. This is now available throughout the whole Academy.

Think of these as “Quick Jumps” to sections enabling you to go directly to specific content topics without the need to scrub through.

You’ll see “Dots” on the Video Timeline along with a new icon on the player. Simply hover over and click on the Dot to jump to that chapter or use the chapter icon (3 small lines) to select the section.

Latest Hyper Casual Games & Prototypes

Base Attack ( previously Meteors Attack! ) from Lion Studios is our favourite game of 2021 so far .

It has a unique gameplay and we found it a super interesting concept, one that we think you could easily adapt and improve upon.

Homa Games makes their first appearance of the year with a hyper casual farming sim / builder, and the ever prolific Voodoo takes us back to a somewhat rage inducing throwback to 2015!

Here’s our top picks for the month.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for January 2021

With great realistic visuals and graphics this game is an explosive winner. Launch rockets and cannons to rain down on enemy bases, watch as they are obliterated and blown to smithereens. Search out the men hiding in buildings and leave no one standing.

Ready to be a super blob? Just run and collect jellies to make your shiny blobby body even bigger and stronger. Push obstacles out of your way and avoid being chopped in half, don’t loose heart, even if you loose a limb you can always crawl to the finish line and still win! 

Just throw your ball to your teammate, now that’s just too easy! Let’s try it from the roof, send your ball hurtling towards your catcher, who’s on another building completely! Add a few tackling baddies from the opposite team and you have a fast paced reaction game to keep you on your toes.

City Takeover - Voodoo

City Takeover

Publisher: Voodoo

Grow your mini cities by connecting them together to make them as tall as you can. Send out your men to crush all your enemies cities and outgrow them to win the big world takeover.

Join up your colour men and become a giant in this fast paced hyper casual runner. Swerve to avoid the obstacles in your path and meet your match for that finale boss fight for the crown.

It’s all about ball control! With easy swipe mechanics guide your ball along treacherous roads and platforms littered with obstacles. Navigate carefully and don’t roll off the edge or it’s game over.

Great level design in this neat little hyper casual quiz game, simply give the most popular answer to gather as many audience behind you and win the competition. The fastest reactions wins the most bragging rights!

Let’s farm! Run around armed with your scythe and gather your crops to sell. Upgrade harvesting equipment, build the barn, unlock more land and do everything a good farmer should to expand your empire.

Work that catwalk! Grow your heels to incredible heights and mince your way as carefully as you can to the judges podium. Navigate over walls and slide down rails and try not to loose too many heels along the way.

Lumbercraft - Voodoo


Publisher: Voodoo

Weld your lumberjack axe and race to cut down trees to build defence towers before the enemy come a knocking at your door. Build your lumberjack town and just don’t run out of that stack of wood.

Collect rocks in space and grow your meteor as you hurtle towards planet earth. Blast through the atmosphere and create mayhem and destruction on the cities below. Can you create a meteor big enough to destroy a whole planet?

Win the race any way you can, choose to be nice and play fair, completing your own obstacle run, or just play dirty and go all out to sabotage your your opponents efforts to win. It’s tricky!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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