The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (February 2021)


What Hyper Casual games to play this month? There’s always plenty to choose from but which are worth your time?

Here’s our top picks of the best games you’ll want to check out on the App Store this month.

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What’s New this month

This month our favourite publisher SayGames LLC revealed they surpassed the 2 Billion download mark!

Wowza O_O

Further more, they also announced their new SayHero programme, a $10 Million Dollar developer growth fund which is just an incredible opportunity.

The options now available to hyper casual gamedev’s in 2021 is super exciting and it’s only going to continue to get better and better with more hyper casual games publishers offering more and more incentives to publish with them.

Hyper Casual Trends

We made some observations early in February of the more realistic style racing games that are speeding up the charts, so we discussed the potential way to capitalise early on in this hyper casual games trend.

Releases from Voodoo, Coda Platform and Kwalee certainly indicate that this is pretty hot right now and let’s not forget Rush Hour 3D hitting number 1 at the end of last year.

It could be the time to take a punt and try your luck at waving something similar under one of the publishers noses at relatively low cost.

It was also very interesting to re-visit a game we first tried back in Academy Live 175, Agent Zero from Groo Gadgets.

This time the control system has changed and more content has been added, but was it for the better? Yes and No!

Whilst the team added more content and levels, the new controls seem to somehow lose the exciting flow of the game for us. That said, it’s still well worth checking out and we’re excited to see where it goes.

ABC runner from Joypac is crushing the charts and for good reason, it has a lot of charm and the gameplay changes up at a pretty much perfect pace.

Happy printer is not too dissimilar and we think this has potential to stick around for quite some time.

Our favourite however has to be Mad Dogs from Supersonic. With a total nod to the classic game “Inside” from Playdead it’s a super fun game.

Here’s our round up on what not to miss this month.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for February 2021

ABC Runner - Joypac

ABC Runner

Publisher: Joypac

You need to think fast and spell the quickest in this cute multiplayer quiz game.  Answer questions correctly with the letter of the alphabet shown and the gate will open. Be the first to run and open all the gates to the finish line before your opponents catch up with you.

Run through downtown streets and through government buildings to eliminate all the corrupt agents before they take you down. Simple one touch gameplay, simply hit the perfect green on the action wheel to shoot or fight the enemy and complete your mission.

Be the ruler of the seas and skies, use your anti aircraft crosshair and sonar to locate all the enemy ships and planes patrolling your area before they blast you out of the water. Realistic visuals and explosions turn this shooting game into a fast paced war-like experience.

A hero, a shield and a sword! What’s not to like? Charge at baddies, cut them down and power up your sword to send them all spinning or slash and crumble stone pillars to crush them. Protect the land at all costs and make it to the end of level portal to live and fight another day.

Cannon It! - Voodoo

Cannon It!

Publisher: Voodoo

Real physics based hyper casual game where you get to load up your cannons and turn medieval castles to piles of rubble. Earn coins to upgrade your arsenal and blast your way through different environments in an endless siege of destruction.

Can your vehicle survive the demolition derby? Get behind the wheel and steer like a madman through an onslaught of crushing rollers and machinery that will flatten you in seconds. How far can you get before your car falls apart and can you still expertly limp to the finish line?

Fail Run - Voodoo

Fail Run

Publisher: Voodoo

If you’ve ever tried to put one foot in front of the other when your legs just don’t sync up then you’ll know what Fail Run is all about. Take it steady and make it through the obstacles to the finish line before you haplessly give up and face-plant yourself on the ground!

Challenge your brain to a series of fun mini games and give those memory cells a work out. Use your keyboard speed to answer trivia and run spelling races, play match 3 and find hidden objects while competing with your opponents.

Using joystick controls, move your character through a series of fun survival mini games. Race with your opponents against the T Rex, outrun velociraptors, stay afloat on your raft or swim to avoid the tsunami! Outwit them all and build your own survival city.

Run boy run! Escape the mad dogs with your loyal hound by your side. Leap fences, jump on bikes and skateboards, scale up ropes and swing over ponds to keep one step ahead. One of the best games Supersonic has released in our humble opinion, a good looking and extremely well crafted runner.

Collect all your mates from prison and get to the getaway car! Swing your wrecking ball and smash through jail cells and prison walls, overpower the guards and let loose a few explosive barrels for good measure. Leave no one behind in your bid for freedom

Jump in your fancy SUV and navigate your way through virtual environments in this classic driving school challenge game. Using easy one touch controls, steer and park different vehicles successfully through day and night modes.

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

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