The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (August 2020)


The hottest prolonged heatwave here in the UK for 60 years. Whilst temperatures hit almost 100° making it probably around 110° from our desk, we still brought the heat with this months instalment of our hyper casual games deconstructions.

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Academy Members Sign a Deal With Voodoo

Yet another Academy Member Team Deven soft launch their latest title Archer Hero 3D with the might Voodoo!

It’s a fantastic game and one we think is here to stay.

This makes it 2 hyper casual games in as many months to be released with heavy weight hyper casual Publisher Voodoo! The creativity and talent inside the Academy is insane and we’re completely humbled to be around such incredible people like you.

Keep on pushing and never give up! Huge congrats again and Jilly and I wish you all the success, so epic! You’re an inspiration.

RisingHigh Sponsors the First IP Hyper Casual Game Jam

RisingHigh Academy Sponsors Homa Games Gamejam

We’re delighted to announce that the Academy is sponsoring the very first IP Hyper Casual Game Jam from one of the worlds leading mobile publishers, Homa Games!

Game Jams are always such a powerful and exciting way to get your creativity flowing and not to mention all the incredible perks and prizes to be won!

Here’s the TLDR;

– Win part of the USD $150,000 Prize Pool & publishing contract!
– Free Game Design masterclasses with a focus on IP
– 1 on 1 chat with the Publishing & Game Design Team
+1 Years Full RisingHigh Academy Membership

Go Get Involved & Speak with the Team!

You can also join the Homa Games Discord Server for more info and all the inside knowledge, it’s super awesome and tell them you came from us!

Apple Vs Epic

The public breakdown between Apple and Epic Games is still ongoing, and this has far more serious implications than Fortnite simply being pulled from the App Store.

As of next Friday, August 28th, Epic Games is set to lose access to their iOS and Mac development tools, halting all development for their Unreal Engine and any of their games on those platforms.

This is, well, pretty EPIC!

Who knows how this will play out and it’s hard to see them backing down and losing face, but I guess taking on the most wealthiest company on the planet, currently valued at 3 Trillion Dollars, was always a ballsy move.

Whilst still available to play on your device if you had it installed prior to the bust up, come iOS 14 you’ll almost certainly lose access.

If you’re in serious need to play now however, you can trying bidding on eBay for iPhones with Fortnite pre-installed, if you have a spare grand or so that is, nuts!

Hyper Casual Deconstructions this Month

We called it  – Good Job us!

Good Job Vs Staff!
Hyper Casual Games - Inspiration or too close?

Whilst looking for something to post on Jilly’s Monday Motivation thread this week, Jilly finally went and found it!

I first saw Good Job when it was first released on the Nintendo Switch back in March. 

All that to say that in a weird coincidence, this week we noticed an almost carbon copy of the game, in looks at least, initially in the developer account of Aleksandr Filatov.

Staff! then subsequently moved over to SayGames LLC.

It’ll be interesting to see if any comparisons are made and if this survives with legals, but it goes to show that looking outside the store is a great way to get “inspired”.

For the hyper casual games this month, Scribble Rider from Voodoo takes the No.1 spot on the App Store and is well deserved.

It’s a great, highly polished game that we played back in July on Academy Live 164.

Building roads with Rollic, being judge and juror with Homa and throwing some logs with Playgendary certainly entertained us well.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for August 2020

You’ve been contracted to fix up the town in this road building simulator. Fix up your streets by cleaning and repairing roads, put in power lines and build new bridges and while you’re at it, why not add a touch of paint.

Tap to roll coloured paper and create the designs shown. Tap them in the right order though or your finished masterpiece may not look quite the same! Chilled and relaxing hyper casual puzzle game to take your time with.



Publisher: HOMA GAMES

You’re the Judge! Don your nice wig and suss out all the guilty people, from vandals and forgers to those who are ready and willing to bribe you! Send the guilty to be punished and even build a city to house them all.

Just how many jobs can you take on? Everything form teacher to airline pilot, cook to garbage man are all in your capable hands in this mini game fest from Gamejam. How many jobs can you complete?

Clear countless levels of marauding no good baddies with a simple one-tap kick, knock, punch or smack. Upgrade you super hero skill tree and take out a ton of baddies at once when things just get too heavy. The ultimate hyper casual game for heroes all.

Turn dozens of ordinary everyday things into a cool pointy weapon thing. Sharpen it, aim and then throw. Shots will be limited, so make sure your pointy new weapon hits the target for those maximum points.

Will you be a hunter or victim? Choose to enter the labyrinth either as a victim and hide to survive, or as a hunter and search out your prey. The clock is ticking so make your choice and let the battle begin.

Use your street savvy skills and talents to break out of prison life. Solve dozens of hilarious mini games while avoiding the guards at all costs. Upgrade and manage your very own prison.

Staff - SayGames LLC


Publisher: SayGames LLC

Earn money and design your own 3D house in this life simulation game. Complete a variety of jobs like taking out trash, cleaning the office and doing DIY to earn your wages. Then, just as in life use your hard earned cash to upgrade your home.

Another round of mini games this time with a summer beach activity theme. Dive into the pool, jump on the water pillow, water cannon your friends, throw water bombs and have yourself a fun, hot summer.

Type Run - Voodoo

Type Run

Publisher: Voodoo

How’s your typing speed? Above 10 characters per second and you are an official type runner. A fun fact typing race to get your fingers moving on that keyboard with uncanny accuracy and speed. No typo’s allowed!

Hey web hero, there’s people to save. Rescue folks from random objects raining down on them from the sky by firing your spider web and scooping them out of the way. Timing is everything to make your neighbourhood safe. 

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

Academy Membership also includes Academy StoreSpy, Hyper Casual Elite, Academy Live, all our workshops, tools and courses covering every aspect of powerful, effective and creative hyper casual game design techniques.

We love it, our Academy Members love it and we think you’ll love it too.

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