The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (April 2021)


Another month and whilst we had short break over the Easter period, there was certainly no break in hyper casual games released this month. Lot’s of new tends emerging too.

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What’s New this month

With the rollout of Academy 3.0 late last month, we’ve spent a good deal of time ironing out some bugs and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

The feedback from our members has be overwhelmingly positive and we couldn’t be happier. We just wished it could’ve come sooner but finishing up an extended contract as lead game design on the new Color Switch put us back months instead of weeks.

That’s Life!

Academy Member Signs Voodoo Deal

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce and congratulate Academy Legend Faisal for his game Sling Birds 3D smashing a publishing deal with the mighty Voodoo!

There’s no more prolific developer we know and this is on the back of winning a $20k prize in the latest Voodoo game competition.

Just Incredible.

It’s a huge testament to all his hard work, relentless drive and persistence and we couldn’t be more happy for him.

Not only that, but he kindly agreed to join us this Friday for a special Academy Live where he answered a ton of questions and guided us through his game. Very cool indeed.

Hyper Casual Game Trends

Starting with the release of High Heels back in January from Rollic, which subsequently moved over to the Zynga account on February the 4th, the trend for April certainly continues with the wave of female or feminine themed games.

This girly vibe has seen a ton of variations ranging from shoes, to nails, pole dancing and make up. There’s also Hair Challenge from Rollic and Hair Dye! from Crazy labs sitting at No1 & No.2 respectively in the overall iOS US Games Chart.

Also keep an eye out for Voodoo’s Hair rush which was a definitely a contender to play this month.

We’re seeing an emerging trend of body morphing games appear which was most likely started loosely with Giant Rush! from TapNation.

This is a natural progression from the girly themes where body parts extend and grow creating interesting gameplay and somewhat unique level design opportunities.

I guess people have hit the point where all the low hanging fruit ideas have been done already.

SayGames released Muscle Rush which we played on the show and earlier last week Lion Studios launched The Big Hit.

Whilst not directly connected, Homa Games have just released Attack on Giants! which is in the same ballpark. So now might be the time to get your thinking caps on and see what you could do to jump on this.

We also checked out a former No.1 from AI Games FZ, the team behind Stack Ball 3D from Azur, and a super satisfying game from the Voodoo’s that is a perfect game fusion of Bottle Flip 3D and AMSR Slicing, very cool indeed.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for April 2021

Run around like a crazy person and collect blocks of your own colour to start building your bridge, just don’t let anyone else try to finish what you’ve started. Sabotage other players stacks by knocking into those with less bricks than you in this frantic hyper casual game

Using joystick controls you need to run around in good old farmer style and look after your farm. Water and harvest your crops and collect eggs from your chickens. Grab yourself some farm hands and gather twice as fast to unlock more farmland.

Flip jump right and left to get past the guards standing between you and the dojo. Hop into handy portals to outwit them and their bullets or just ninja jump them to slice them through! Launch off buttons to gain an extra high flip, but be careful not to fall into any holes! 

Hair Rush - Voodoo

Hair Rush

Publisher: Voodoo

Guide your character right and left collecting up different coloured hair pieces and sparkles to grow and adorn your locks. Step over the wind machine and spin those long locks to reach high platforms, the longer your hair, the more likely you are to meet your Prince at the tower.

Dodge right and left to collect all the energy drinks until you’re powerful enough to smash through steel plate, walls and even characters who think it’s a good idea to stand in your way! Arm wrestle granny and become a muscle tornado for the final wall.

Pocket Show - Estoty

Pocket Show

Publisher: Estoty

It’s showtime! You have 5 rounds in which to beat your opponent and win the match! Take turns to guess the word with just a tiny hint to start you off.  If you’re one of those people who are always shouting the answer to quiz shows on tv then this is right up your game show.

Run of Life - Voodoo

Run of Life

Publisher: Voodoo

Take the run of life and watch your fortune unravel before your eyes. Pick up healthy goodies to keep you young and avoid all the unhealthy obstacles that will make you grow old. Spin the life wheel and see if fate smiles on you and be careful not to grow too old or it’ll be game over!

Sky Trail - Estoty

Sky Trail

Publisher: Estoty

Run through buildings armed with the gun of your choice and take out a hilarious onslaught of bad guys armed with guitars and frying pans, open up loot boxes, fight bosses and make it to the safety of the helicopter! 

Slice it All! - Voodoo

Slice it All!

Publisher: Voodoo

Simply tap flappy bird style and watch your knife slice like butter through multi coloured towers, pipes, pencils and tons more in one of the most satisfying hyper casual games we’ve played this year. Hone your skills and Slice it All!

Load up your slingshot and tap to shoot the birds in the sky, and the baddies on the ground. Don’t blast too many eggs or they’ll simply hatch an angry wild bird! Aim for the exploding barrels and blast as many feathers in the air as you can, you have limited shots, so make them all count.

Sticky Flip - Voodoo

Sticky Flip

Publisher: Voodoo

Stick it here, stick it there! An incredibly sticky wobbly thing that will attach itself to, well, anything! Flip through the levels and see just how many obstacles you can interact with along the way to reach the finish line. 

In Swordplay you literally are the sword! Reach the temple by swerving and carving your way through the levels ninja style. Cut and swipe through the enemy, smash the barrels and shurikens being hurled your way before they destroy you. 

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

Don’t forget, you can watch all these games deconstructed in full along with dozens more inside the Academy.

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