The Top 12 Hyper Casual Games (April 2020)


With most of the world pretty much on lockdown for the foreseeable future, the charts will be a little unusual and we’re seeing some of the bigger, established triple “I” ( Triple Indie ) games bump their way up the charts.

With more people at home than probably ever before in recent history, the charts are more boyant and volatile than ever.

The new releases keep on coming and here’s our roundup of the best hyper casual games this April.

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What’s New this month

We start the month taking a look at 3 fresh releases, 2 from Voodoo and 1 from Good Job Games, that are sure to be rising soon.

A whole ton of new faces in the charts this month, from Idle games to makeover experiences, the new hyper casual games released, span a wide brush stroke of genres.

Rollic Games are certainly putting pedal to the metal as not only are they claiming the No.1 Spot with Go Knots 3D, they now have a total of 5 games in the top 200, pretty impressive indeed.

A potential upcoming trend of the stack mechanic is definitely surfacing. It was just 3 weeks in ago Academy Live 150, that we played Voodoo’s game Cube Surfer, a 3D take on the super successful Square Bird published by Moonee.

One of the core principles of todays Hyper Casual games is the feeling of progression and levelling up and this game has nailed it.

We see this week after week and what’s especially interesting about the in-game stacking mechanic, is that it combines an insane feeling of immediate levelling up, immense instant feedback satisfaction along with an exciting risk and reward element.

I foresee a new wave and iterations of this mechanic in the weeks to come for sure, watch this space!

So without further ado, here’s the run down of the games we played inside the Academy this month.

Top Hyper Casual Games List for April 2020

Cube Surfer - Voodoo

Cube Surfer!

Publisher: Voodoo

Help your character reach dizzying heights by collecting as many cubes as you can. Choose your path wisely though as every obstacle you run across will take away from your stack! One of the most  popular Hyper Casual Games of 2020.

Draw Joust - Voodoo

Draw Joust!

Publisher: Voodoo

Defeat your opponent by drawing yourself a handy jousting cart! Simply connect up those wheels, arm yourself with a spear and you’re ready for combat. Make sure there’s enough ink to make your design or your cart won’t be sturdy enough to win the fight and no one wants a wobbly cart!

How’s your timing? Hit the meter at the green sweet spot and launch your car skyward. Once your car sprouts wings, glide towards the towers and platforms and aim for that perfect landing to earn points.

Grow your food market to a super hypermarket. Scan your groceries, sort your goods into the right order, sweep the floors and don’t forget to collect up the supermarket trollies! A ton of satisfying jobs to complete from the dev masters of mini games.

Arm yourself with a Nerf Blaster and go on a pranking spree. Using touch timing to fire at unsuspecting victims and then dodge and hide when they look to find who is pranking them. Tag everyone and avoid being caught.

Quick on the draw? Complete the obstacle course by copying the signs en route to get your character jumping, somersaulting and sliding super parkour style through the levels.

Race against the crowd through busy downtown traffic, can you make it across the road in one piece?  Using touch timing controls, help your character dodge obstacles, oncoming cars and speeding trains to win the road race.

Rolly Hill - Voodoo

Rolly Hill

Publisher: Voodoo

A rolling stone gathers no moss, well this one does! Roll the ball down the hill collecting coloured cubes to make it grow huge. Blast your way through gates, hop through obstacles and avoid cracks in the ground to reach the jackpot.

Rolly Legs - Voodoo

Rolly Legs

Publisher: Voodoo

Take control of your little robot and guide him through the race. Roll him down slopes to gain speed ahead of the competition, use his legs in difficult terrain to walk, climb and swim through obstacles. Hell use his parachute if you need to, just reach the winning line already!

Load up your baseball in its sling and swipe up to send it flying high, catapult style into the sky. So high you’ll even come across random planes and birds that have entered your air space! Avoid brick and glass walls along the path, they’ll slow you down, so time your throws well.

Stack Colors - Voodoo

Stack Colors!

Publisher: Voodoo

A great example of a successful Hyper Casual Game. Run the gauntlet loading and stacking the right colour platforms to amazing heights! Navigate up slopes and round tight bends keeping hold of your stack. Can you reach the finish line and Karate Kick them all the way to the bonus bar?

Now’s your chance to run your own food truck, fulfil customer orders and see just how much they rate your food. Learn new recipes and travel to different locations to make dishes you’ve never even heard of before. Neat looking cooking game sim with such yummy looking graphics, I’m HUNGRY!!

Final Thoughts

These were the best Hyper Casual games to hit the store this month and we hope you find some inspiration and new game ideas!

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