The Top 100 Hyper Casual Games of 2020


It’s fair to say that 2020 was certainly a year like no other and, whilst the world changed around us, life on the App Store continued and so did we.

These are the games not only from the biggest publishers, but also fresh new prototypes being tested and tweaked, all aspiring to hit those magic KPI’s and sign a deal.

By keeping a continuous eye on the market, we get to see the games often within a day of their release, identifying new trends as they happen, something that can be vital when building your games.

We believe to truly understand what goes into creating these successful games, you need to get them in your hands and break them apart.

What are the key ingredients under the bonnet that makes these better than the countless others that don’t make the cut?

We deconstructed well over 120 games inside the Academy in 2020 and focussed in on their game design, level design, UI and user experience. Aside from being a ton of fun, having our members along side us sharing their thoughts and opinions, we essentially crowd source our understanding collectively and figure out what we believe contributes to each games success.

This is a super powerful way to get insights and ultimately make us all more stronger and more effective game makers and producers.

Most of these are the trailblazers, the ones that rocked the charts, the hyper casual games you saw in the Top 10 on App Store, games from the biggest hyper casual publishers around today.

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Anyways, without further ado, here’s our list of the best hyper casual games to hit the market in 2020.

The Top 100 Hyper Casual Games of 2020 ( With Links )

Complete List of the Top Hyper Casual Games 2020 ( A to Z )


  • Agent Action – SayGames LLC
  • Agent Zero! – Groo Gadgets Pty Ltd
  • Ball Slider 3D – tastypill
  • Baseball Heroes – Rollic Games
  • Basketball Roll – SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD
  • Blend It 3D – SayGames LLC
  • Border Patrol – HOMA GAMES
  • Brush Hit – Voodoo
  • Build Roads – Rollic Games
  • Bullet Rush! – Voodoo
  • Bungeet! – Voodoo
  • – Angothu Ashok Kumar
  • Color Roll 3D – Good Job Games
  • Crowd Bomber – Voodoo
  • Cube Surfer! – Voodoo
  • Desert Riders – SayGames LLC
  • Dig Rescue – LolTap
  • Draw Climber – Voodoo
  • Draw Joust – Voodoo
  • Dribble Hoops – Voodoo
  • Drifty Race 3D – Voodoo
  • Drive Hills – SayGames LLC
  • Escape Masters – Playgendary Limited
  • Fire Fighters 3D! – Dzmitry Shyshanouski
  • Flip Tumbling – Kwalee
  • Force Master – Voodoo
  • Gang Blast – ZPLAY
  • Garden Balls – SayGames LLC
  • Glide Race 3D – Good Job Games
  • Go Karts! – Voodoo
  • Guilty! – HOMA GAMES
  • Gun Boys – Mempic Ltd
  • Gun Gang – Rollic Games
  • HeliGunner – Evgeniy Matyushin
  • HellCopter – SayGames LLC
  • Hero Strike 3D – Kwalee
  • Hero VS Criminal – Radpirates
  • Home Restoration – Panteon
  • Homer City – Mynet
  • Hospital Inc. – Lion Studios
  • Hyper Jobs – Gamejam Co
  • Hypermarket 3D – Suji Games
  • ID Please – Lion Studios
  • Invincible Hero – SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD
  • Johnny Trigger – Sniper – SayGames LLC
  • Jumpero – Voodoo
  • Knock’em All – Voodoo
  • – Voodoo
  • Log Thrower – Playgendary Limited
  • Lucky Looter – Radpirates
  • Match 3D – Loop Games
  • Money Buster! – Alictus
  • Mr Spy – Undercover Agent – MADBOX
  • Murder Hornet! – Lion Studios
  • NERF Epic Pranks! – HOMA GAMES
  • No One Escape!- Lion Studios
  • Overtake – Kwalee
  • Parking Jam 3D – Popcore GmbH
  • Parkour Masters – Voodoo
  • Parkour Race – Freerun Game – MADBOX
  • Perfect Golf – MADBOX
  • Pizzaiolo! – Geisha Tokyo Inc
  • Police Officer – Lion Studios
  • Prison Escape!! – MADBOX
  • Pull the Pin – Popcore GmbH
  • RacerKing – Small Beautiful
  • Raw Runs – GMO GP, Inc
  • Rescue Gang – SERHI SHEVCHUK
  • Road Glider – Estoty
  • Road Race 3D – tastypill
  • Rolly Hill – Voodoo
  • Rolly Legs – Voodoo
  • Roof Rails – Voodoo
  • Rope Vs Ball – Voodoo
  • Rush Hour 3D – Good Job Games
  • Samurai Slash – Ketchapp
  • Scribble Rider – Voodoo
  • Shake Down Balls – Voodoo
  • Shortcut Run – Voodoo
  • Sky Roller – HOMA GAMES
  • Slap Kings – Lion Studios
  • Sneaker Art! – TapNation
  • Stack Colors! – Voodoo
  • Staff! – SayGames LLC
  • Stair Run – Voodoo
  • Stealth Master – SayGames LLC
  • Super Sniper! – Voodoo
  • Swing Loops – SayGames LLC
  • The Cook – Say Games LLC
  • Tile Race – Marcin Majchrak
  • Touchdown Master – Voodoo
  • Tower Run – Voodoo
  • Type Run – Voodoo

Final Thoughts

Another year passes and it’s safe to say that there’s never been a better time to be a mobile game developer. There’s been several high prize competitions and Gamejams run to lure developers to publish their games.

We actually sponsored a couple and became mentors on another. We believe this is just the beginning and these will continue into 2021 and beyond each time getting bigger and better. The opportunity is massive for hyper casual game developers.

We saw some amazing games and be sure to head on over to Youtube and leave a comment letting us know you favourite.

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