Top Hyper Casual Games June 2020

The Best 12 Hyper Casual Games – June 2020

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Each week inside the Academy we host Academy Live, our flagship weekly #gamedev show. Covering in-depth Market Analysis and Trend Research, we break apart the Top Games from the App Store each week.

We deep dive into what makes them successful, and just why are they trailblazing the charts. This up to the minute research ensures we’re creating games that players will love and the Top Publishers will actually want. It’s the best way to understand current hyper-casual game design at a deeper level.

We love it, our members love it and we think you’ll love it too.

Here’s the run down of the 12 games we put through their paces this month. These are simply the best hyper-casual games we saw out on iOS in June 2020!

Academy Live Game Dev Shows in June 2020

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All the games we played this month:

Chart positions correct as from the date of playing taken from the iOS US games chart in the month of June 2020. Data captured from


Hero Strike 3D – Kwalee
Chart Position – Uncharted

Pong Toss 3D – Tokyo Smart Games
Chart Position – Uncharted

Flip Tumbling – Bony Yousuf ( Kwalee )
Chart Position – 43

LIVE 159 – JUNE 12TH

HellCopter – SayGames LLC

Chart Position – 41

Desert Riders – SayGames LLC

Chart Position – 81

Agent Action – SayGames LLC

Chart Position – 108 Simulation

Johnny Trigger Sniper – SayGames LLC

Chart Position – Uncharted

LIVE 160 – 19TH JUNE

Garden Balls – SayGames LLC

Chart Position – Uncharted

Brush Hit – Voodoo

Chart Position – Uncharted

Samurai Flash! – Supersonic Studios Ltd

Chart Position – 20

LIVE 161 – 26TH JUNE

Money Buster! – Alictus

Chart Position – 4

Sneaker Art! – TapNation

Chart Position – 9

Wheel Scale! – Supersonic Studios Ltd

Chart Position – 18