Taking Time Off, R & R, Accountants and Really Bad Quick Maths

This week on the Podcast

More of a general chit chat this week as we’re on holiday, or at least we were supposed to be taking time off.

Following an impromptu decision to take some time out as I was approaching burnout, it soon became apparent that our schedule was completely shot and there was no podcast ready, oops.

Making the Commitment to Show up Every Week

We made a commitment to show up each and every week, and not wanting to break our run so far, we came in, sat down and recorded.

As a small business owner, there’s never enough time in the day and there’s always something that needs to be done, it’s a never ending ongoing process and thus, taking time off is a bit of a battle.

However, there definitely comes a point when R & R needs to take priority and, although slightly broken, we are on a go slow right now and taking days away from the grind. It’s important.

We discuss all what this means to us, our accountant pains and I also managed to do probably the worlds worst maths equation ever, but hey, we showed up and that’s the most important thing, to us anyways!

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