Game #Reboot – Don’t ignore your old games


It’s always fun to look back over your old games and remind yourself how much work actually went into the creation! I’ve been going through our portfolio and preparing some update plans to breathe some life into the old faithful, so don’t ignore your old games!

1st on my list will be 99 Moons, our very first solo Apple Feature and the one that launched our Studio. We loved this game and we gave it a ton of love in the creation.

Regrets, we’ve had a few 🙂

Whilst I felt we did get a lot of things right with this game, I also made some pretty poor judgements too, the biggest being the learning curve. The first few levels of the game were way too difficult. The silly thing was is that these first levels of the game were actually the original prototype levels. We tested each of these early demo stages to ensure we could sufficiently ramp up the objects and the difficulty to give us the scope to have a pretty large project, and for some reason these were never revisited to ease the players in slowly. Mistake. Too intense, too hard.

This no doubt resulted in losing players extremely early on as we hit them with super tough challenges before giving them enough chance to get a feel of the mechanics and controls. This is by far my biggest regret with the V.1.0 launch version.

App Store Marketing Assets

Whilst I felt we did a decent job on the iPad Screenshots, I’ve never been happy with the iPhone screenshots as there’s just too much empty space. We’ll be changing these for sure in this new update.


99 Moons iPad and iPhone 6s Screenshots

99 Moons iPad and iPhone 6s Screenshots


After a while on the Googleplay Store, I ran an experiment on the icon as although strongly aligned with the games character, is was a bit “kiddy” looking and this doesn’t fit so well with the games difficulty level.


99 Moons Icon A : B Testing

I created a completely new look and did a 50/50 test.

A = The Original Icon.

B = The New Icon Design.


99 Moons Google Play Icon Experiment

The dark green line on the top is the new design, so it’s fair to say it was a good move and had quite an impact. We promptly ran an icon only update to the Apple App Store to capitalise on this data.

You’ll also notice that I left this running for around 3 – 4 months. This wasn’t really a deliberate move, but more so as we get very few downloads on Android and basically set and forget. But this is something we’re now working on to improve, but nonetheless, I love this about Googleplay, so worth it for that alone.

99 Moons Official Game Trailer – iOS & Android 

I gave the original app preview game trailer a quick upgrade to a new landscape version for better sharing on social, and not sure we’ll change this much for now, but it’s on the radar as we look at all the assets for the new update.


Brain Storm Session

So, there’s the low hanging fruit that we’ll be addressing without thinking as we turn our attention to running an update.

Jilly and I will sit down and see what we’ll do, how big the update it will be, and how much we change overall. I like the idea of adding some kind of level based mode, something that was missing from the original, along with some new characters I think.

So don’t let your old games fade and die, a big lesson we’ve learned over the last 18 months. Whether you push an update, or work on a sequel, it’s always worth spending a small amount of energy to revisit your portfolio and see what can be done with a fresh pair of eyes and a good amount of time away from the project.

You can see our Game Page Here with all the links to download.

Let’s do this