Why you should revisit and Update your old games

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For all you seasoned game developers out there, when September time rolls around and Apple releases new devices and iOS versions, more often than this is a perfect time to revisit and update your old games.

Whilst on the surface this can seem to be a pain in the you know what, it can actually be turned into a huge positive. This is the time to revisit and update your old games to breathe some life back into them and bring them up to date.

This is also a great opportunity to update all your App Store Creatives and freshen up your shop window.

What to Update on the App Store

  • New Game Icon
  • A fresh set of App Store Screenshots
  • Revised or New App Preview Video ( Game Trailer )
  • Your Game Description
  • Game Keywords ( ASO revision to remove poor performing keywords )

A full reboot on the store listing can also re-ignite some downloads as there’s a chance that the new creatives can out perform the original ones and the ASO can take a bump too.

It’s also not uncommon that by looking at your screenshot and icon choices made at the time will differ quite significantly when you revisit and update your old games.

Perhaps being too close to the game at the time made you lose sight of what was the best parts and it’s smart to evaluate if your assets truly convey the original message you wanted. Do they really reflect the game and do it justice?

What to Update on the Technical Side

On the technical side of updating your old game, updating any external SDK’s is really the low hanging fruit and there’s really no point in not doing so. Remember, if you didn’t already know how to update your game and your App Store listing. you’ll have to submit a new binary anyways.

If you really want to go one stage further, is this the time and add those missing features or mechanics you originally planned to include but for one reason or another ended up ditching?

Reasons for this can be varied.

Perhaps because of time constraints or even software issues faced at the time of build, or often down to your own skill levels at the time. This is a great time for you to take another look at your project as a whole.

What could the game possibly benefit from and is it worth a small overhaul whilst you’re are doing the necessary iOS updates.

With a seriously long break from the project, it’s amazing what fresh eyes, gained experience and a different outlook can make.

We’ve made a lot of mistakes that are now clear to see in our games, almost to the point of saying:

“What on earth were we even thinking!”

But, with all that said, we also did a lot right and we can take this opportunity to hone in and polish up some of the more successful gameplay and mechanics.

It’s definitely fair to say that we dropped the ball on not keeping some of our games alive and we should have capitalised more on their early success and really fleshed them out more.

But hey, ins’t hindsight is a wonderful thing.

For our game portfolio, these were built back in the day when 2D rage games were popular and trending on the App Store, but this not so much the case now.

With the mobile market constantly changing, updating even a small part of your game can keep it up to date with the current landscape and what players are now demanding.

Perhaps today it’s time to take a look at your portfolio and older games.

Are there any that you can breathe some life back into, revamp or even create a sequel to?

Your mission, if you choose to accept of course, it is open up your game and think about doing just that!

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