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Member Testimonials & Reviews

"Kevin and Jilly at RisingHigh truly live up to the name. They are consistently creating games that not only rank high but raise the bar for game design.

Their Training is awesome, they think outside the box and constantly impress. This is a must for any who's serious about game design and creating mobile games in general".

Trey Smith
Buildbox Founder
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"I think any developer at any level will gain a great deal by joining Kevin’s academy. Not only is Kevin a great person, but the Academy is full of systems, tips, tricks, tools, and the community is full of smart, like-minded individuals.

There’s so much information inside and I have taken away tons of valuable insights and strategies, I just wish I had this when I was starting out!"

David Reichelt
Color Switch Creator
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"What I like most about the Academy is that it has helped me get out of my own little game development bubble and to open up to new ideas and different ideas I wasn’t thinking about. I find the weekly Academy Live videos most valuable.

I usually catch the replay on Monday and they’ve become like my Netflix series of game development. Kevin and Jilly’s walkthrough of the top charts, trends, new games, old games, relevant sites and the like, really helps give me a different view on what’s happening in the mobile game space.

Chances are if you’re starting out in mobile game design or development, you are going to make a lot of mistakes and waste a lot of time. Learn from the knowledge, the experience and the mistakes the Academy and the members have to share".

Chris Trudeau
Boston Studio - Games Published with Homa Games and Voodoo
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"Kevin & Jilly at RisingHigh are fantastic! They are really great at taking a step back and telling you what you need to tweak when comes to games or art. Their Training is freaking great, they really do think out side the box.

They stay on top of what is trending and take suggestion on what they should research and talk about next. The community is amazing and truly bar none when it comes to supporting one another".

Collin Wade
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"Whether you are new to game development or an experienced developer the Rising High Academy needs to be on your radar! Prior to joining, I was in the constant cycle of starting a new game or project and never being able to finish it.

Now I have the knowledge and more importantly the confidence needed to finish projects, it’s a great feeling and I have the Academy to thank for that!

Kevin and Jilly have truly created an amazing community that I would proudly recommend to anyone else interested in game development".

Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"I love the Friday live sessions and really appreciate Kevin and Jilly’s honest approach in the academy. You can ask literally anything and rest assure that they will share their own experience whenever they can (and that is really rare in this industry).

What I like the most though is that new trends are researched (together with the community) and this makes the academy constantly evolving and adapting to the market. When I joined almost a year back, hyper casual games were getting big and the Academy immediately shifted towards this new direction which is not only great but literally priceless".

Christoph Müller
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"If you’re new to the games market then all the questions you have about building a game are answered here at the Academy. If you have built a few games or even if you have been in the game industry for many years, you’ll find tips and info that will help you further your knowledge and game building skills.

The weekly live sessions are an invaluable resource advising you of todays fast moving market. Watching, listening and reading everything on the Academy has actually brought me more focus to building games. It has removed indecision from my game building and allowed me to concentrate on the quality of the game without worrying about the route I’m going down.

If you digest everything on the Academy and really listen and read all the advice that is there, you’ll have a great chance of success. Fantastic information for all levels to help you both create a game and market it. How to find Publishers and approach them. The best Ad networks to use and implement them.

Simply put, to have the best chance of success for your game you need the RisingHigh Academy".

Andy Gray
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"It is literally a no-brainer for me. Since I joined the first day they announced it and I am still here, part of the family. You will get ten times the value you invested.

It has helped me to master the art of game polish, see trends and save a lot of development time because of their early feedback. I’ve created a great game that I am super proud of because of their constant positive and constructive feedback. Kevin actually jumped into Photoshop multiple times for me to mock-up something that would blow my mind.

If you want to create great games and get early feedback then this is the place to be. I was frustrated as I did not know how good or bad my game was, but now, I’ve created a dev log inside the academy and I get constant feedback from the members!

I feel like Kevin, Jilly and the whole academy is looking over my shoulder helping me every step of the way so I can keep on the right path".

Ciprian Bojin
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"Joining Rising High Academy was one of the best decisions of my career. If you are an indie dev looking to make it big in the industry, THIS is the place for you. Right from conceptualising game ideas through to publishing your game, they have got you covered on all fronts.

Not only are Kevin and Jilly extremely resourceful and honest in their approach, they also have great community of smart and experienced developers who help carve your games to its best shape.

The best thing about the academy is the Friday Live sessions that help analyse fresh trends every week and the Test Drive sessions where Kevin and Jilly help take the game to the next level with their highly insightful feedback.

The support and the content provided in Rising High is unmatched. I am grateful that I became a member right when I dived into game development. Saved me a lot of time since they gave all the resources required to succeed in the gaming industry!".

Deven Studio - 2 Games Published with Voodoo
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"The most valuable thing for me is the Academy community, such a warm place based on very well established values.

The info inside will turn you into a first class game maker and, if you’re willing to work hard, a better entrepreneur".

Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"If you are serious about the mobile game business, then the RisingHigh Academy is a no-brainer. In an industry that is constantly changing, it’s tough to navigate alone.

That’s where the academy really shines – pumping out a steady stream of content covering the latest trends and happenings in the market. Invaluable info for newbies and seasoned pros alike".

Shawn Jones
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"Just Go for it!

I was a bit reticent to spend money on something else after I had already spent quite a lot on software tools and other start-up costs, but the membership has already been invaluable. I spent some time enjoying the free content (podcasts etc) before I decided to take the plunge, but I can seriously say that I have no regrets at all.

The academy has helped give me a much better understanding of the market and how to be noticed. The Academy Live sessions on a Friday are one of the best things you can do with your week as they give you such insight into what is happening on the App Store as well as considering trends and game ideas. I have been consuming them all as quickly as I can and have a much better understanding of what is “on trend” and how things are constantly evolving.

The “Watch Us Build” series has really opened my eyes regarding how to rapidly prototype ideas and build a game from start to finish. The community is excellent, successful and very supportive and I know I have only scratched the surface of the Academy so far. Kevin and Jilly are inspiring, encouraging, knowledgeable and helpful.

If you are just starting out in the games business or are not seeing the success that you deserve then there is no better thing you could spend your money on than an academy membership. I am convinced that if I keep listening to this community and following the advice given that this membership will pay for itself. It is seriously good value compared to other options out there. Just go for it and don’t look back!".

Jon Scriven
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"If you are looking to create Mobile games then just join the Academy! It’s worth the investment. I have been creating mobile games for a while and since I joined, I’ve leaned lots of great information and come up with so many game ideas.

This is the part I was missing and failed to find the answers anywhere online. There’s simply no other place you can find such valuable information, from game polishing, coming up with unique game ideas, how to get a Featured by Apple, how to get your game to published, I could go on and on and on!

From the courses to the Live Sessions, any question you could possibly have you just ask and the group will help and you’ll get your answer".

Elie Sleimen
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"A group of video game lovers and developers who help each other to create better games, under the supervision of skilled and qualified people. (Kevin and Jilly) Simply the best community (mastermind group) of mobile game developers.

The best part of the Academy is Academy Live. There I found not only competent and smart people but a group of friends, where apart from talking about useful factors for developing and improving games and find new ideas, there is room to laugh… a lot of laughs!

In the forum, you can find all the answer you need in short time. No question remains unanswered. Seeing the development of a game (Glide) from the beginning has no price. I work alone, but within the academy, I have found so many colleagues who sincerely advise you on how to improve and motivate you to do your best".

Luca Petrucci
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"I would say just do it! The Academy changed the way I am making my games! Getting so much input from other developers in a friendly environment like the Academy is unique! If you ask any questions in facebook groups for example, a great percentage of the answers is hate and rubbish, but in the Academy, members are really willing and equally important capable to help!

I have learned a lot from seeing the courses or just reading the forum post from other members. One of the most valuable features of the membership is in my opinion the TEST DRIVE where Kevin and Jilly operators of the Academy, and often featured by Apple Game Developers, play your game!

While playing they are making a video and they give suggestions how to change little things on the games! I have changed a lot on my most successful game DREAM BUBBLEZ after seeing the video! Seeing those competent people playing your game helps incredibly its not only the comments its seeing them play!

No matter if you are new in game development or if you are a super successful professional join the Academy! The Academy will make your games better and at the and the quality of the games you make is what matters!".

Marcus Dobler
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"Becoming a RisingHigh student was a great decision for me. The Academy has helped me learn game design, market research, discipline as a dev and many more key skills.

The Academy is also my inspiration and a major source of learning. I recommend anyone who wants to learn all about the Mobile Game industry & Business. There is huge amount of content inside to learn and grow".

Catobilli Games - 1 Game Published with Voodoo
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"It all changed after I joined the Academy! How do I get my game Featured by Apple? How do I get my game in front of a Publisher & create a game worthy of being published? How do I get signed?

One of the most invaluable things the RisingHigh Academy teaches is exactly that and just so much more!".

Heath Close
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"I’ve been in the game business for quite some time and I still think there’s so much more to learn. The Academy is pretty much my go to place to keep up-to-date on what’s going on in the game business and things I need to focus most on to create publisher worthy games.

Kevin and Jilly do a great job at discussing many different topics such as coming up with good ideas, polishing games so they’re publisher worthy, and just so much more. They’ve been featured by Apple 13 times so they know what they’re talking about. They share pretty much everything that they can and they’ve built a community who do the same thing. So you’re definitely in good hands.

If you’re like me, or even just getting started, and want to continue to improve in the game business, you’ll need to learn as much as possible from wherever and the Academy has you covered".

Jimmy On
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"Kevin and Jilly at RisingHigh truly are wonderful people and they set the bar high for the training standards in the Industry. I have been a member for more than a year now and have signed up for THE Lifetime Membership just because it gives me tremendous value for my time and money.

They live up to their brand and name! The best part of all is, they are consistent in what they are doing! This Academy is a wonderful family and it’s full of smart people and has lots of tools and tricks that are priceless.

Since I am from West Coast, I usually catch the replay on Monday and they’re my kick starter for my week. More than everything if you are a Buildbox customer then you have found the right treasure, you will excel in Buildbox.

If you can eat every bit of the information out there, follow them seriously there is no reason to fail in this Game Business. By looking at all the content out there, their consistency in updating it every week really proves that they are not doing it just for making money its lot more than that, they have put their heart and soul into it, their life into it- shows their true passion, love for it with only one thought in mind- Help out people to succeed in Game Business!".

Ram Siv
Academy Member
Member Testimonials & Reviews

"If you have a passion for the mobile gaming space, RisingHigh Academy is an amazing resource to help you get started by focusing on the basics and foundation of game design ideas and game mechanics through to publishing your game. Think of Rising High Academy as your virtual mentor combined with a community of like-minded people all focused on making the next great game.

The RisingHigh Academy provides incredible resources to get most of your questions answered regarding the mobile game development space. The weekly calls are most helpful with “What’s Happening Now” with current information and trends in game development. On top of the vast resources, the community is available to obtain assistance, interact and share game and development ideas with others from novice to advanced.

Just knowing RisingHigh Academy content is available 24/7 along with the ability to ask questions in the community, join the weekly live calls or seek answers to questions already asked in the membership. Consistency and persistence along with this tremendous resource in one’s corner will certainly give you the edge to succeed in the mobile gaming space".

David Afana
Academy Member

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