How to Launch a Hit Hyper Casual Game in Less than 2 Weeks

We were delighted to be joined by Rabia Dincer, publishing manager at YSO Corp, as she presented their approach on how to launch a hit hyper casual game in less than 2 weeks.

Rabia uses their FPS title Ninja Hands as an example of just some of the ways the team, through various tests and game tweaks and analytics, helped the game become the success it is.


Hyper Casual Game Ideas?

It’s often hard to come up with new hyper casual game ideas, and one thing we focus heavily on inside Hyper Casual Elite, however Rabia shared some of her top tips and thoughts on the key areas where you should focus on.

  • Game Mechanics / Game Concept must be innovative
  • The game must be attractive to the general public
  • The game should be extremely understandable
  • Have interactions with the game and the world
  • Users should have choices
  • Users should feel strong

How to Market Test Hyper Casual Games?

As mentioned in our How to Create a Low CPI Video, to launch a hit Hyper Casual game your game must be taken through a series of KPI ( Key Performance Indicators) testing phases.

 This is an essential phase before you game can being fully launched and “scaled” prior to spending and potentially wasting thousands of marketing dollars.

These are typically but do not always include all of the following:

  • IR ( Install Rate – The % of players who install after watching the Ad )
  • CPI ( Cost Per Install – How much does it cost to acquire the player )
  • How long do players play the game
  • Day 1 and Day 7 Retention numbers ( do they come back the next day and are they still active on day 7 )

Version 1: CPI test on Android US – 2021-07-15

Ninja Hands - YSO Corp - CPI Test Results - Version 1
Launch a hit Hyper Casual - Ninja Hands - YSO Corp - CPI Test Results - Version 1

Here’s the breakdown on the game content with just 12 levels created, then random levels are shown and ads activated within the prototype.

CPI Test Results:

  • Playtime : 5 mins/day
  • D1 : 43%
  • D7 : 9%

Hyper Casual Game Market Testing Iteration Results

After the initial CPI and Retention results came back with very promising metrics, YSO performed a series of A / B testing within the game.

These varied from adding additional control buttons right through to adding player skins, a game economy and haptic feedback and sounds.

It was so interesting to see the breakdown of each iteration and its affect on the game numbers and why there’s so much value on creating a solid core loop / game concept only, which saves on development time and removes the guesswork.

How do you test for hyper-casual games? These are all the A / B tests carried and the results given below are based on percentage of monetisation.

Ninja Hands - YSO Corp - CPI Test Results - Final Version 5
Ninja Hands - YSO Corp - Iteration Test Results - Version 2 through 5

Tweaking gameplay, game depth, level design changes and adding meta game aspects along with trying new game design ideas and features on the fly is a powerful way to get answers fast.

The timeline of their changes is pretty insane but the results can’t be argued with and the numbers speak for themselves.

In just the one build, YSO can test multiple versions of the game along with variations of versions at the same time, pretty cool indeed.

Launch a Hit Hyper Casual Game Results & Takeaways

Whilst it’s commonplace to action plenty of iterations throughout the game testing cycle of hyper-casual games, where YSO are really excelling is in their speed and agility in a real time live market test and certainly know how to launch a hit hyper casual game.

It’s clear that with their dedication and hard work ethic from all the team, coupled with their revolutionary bespoke developer tools, we’ll being a lot more of them in the future and one to watch for sure.

Ninja Hands - YSO Corp - Hyper Casual Game Launch Process
Ninja Hands - YSO Corp - CPI Test Results - Version 1

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at YSO Corp for being so open and especially Rabia for taking the time to speak with us and sharing her awesome presentation.

Download The Game!

Ninja Hands - YSO Corp - Icon

Ninja Hands

Publisher: YSO Corp

Use your ninja powers for the good and save the girl! Your super trained lethal hands are the only weapon you’ll need to blast away all the bad ninjas who are holding hostages. Choose your moves to shoot, create lightening, send rings of fire and even an army of spiders from the tips of those ninja hands to defeat the enemy.

About YSO Corp

Based just outside of Paris, France, the unofficial hub of Hyper Casual Games, YSO Corp has passion for games at their heart. They have assembled an expert team specialising in game conception, hyper casual game development and design.

With just a small of team of 5 to date, they’ve already amassed 50+ Million downloads and boast 20+ Million monthly active users in the last 3 months.

Utilizing their in-house, cutting edge technology, their goal is to inspire and entertain players all over the globe whilst creating a transparent and profitable partnership with talented hyper casual game developers, sky rocket their game through powerful marketing and speed up and streamline the entire development process.

If you’re looking to launch a hit hyper casual game of your own be sure to reach out and tell them we sent you!

YSO Corp - Hyper Casual Game Development and Publishing
YSO Corp- Hyper Casual Publisher

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