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Does any of this sound familiar?

You want to understand the Hyper Casual Games market and how it all works...
You're feeling stuck when trying to think of your next big game idea concept...
You're constantly lacking inspiration and struggling to keep up with trends...
You’ve already launched your game and not seeing the results you’d hoped for...
You've built a bunch of prototypes that never reached those unicorn numbers...

Well, it’s now time to Transform the way you build your games…

If you find yourself feeling stuck when thinking of your next big game idea you’re certainly not alone, we’ve been there.

Whether you’re seeking a Publisher deal or self publishing and launching your game, you need to master the Art of creating Attention Grabbing games. Games that will delight and wow your players and have them play day after day.

Whilst all the Hyper Casual games you see topping the charts might look simple on the surface, they all share common fundamentals. Under the hood they all execute solid Hyper Casual Game Design Principles to earn their place.

Hyper-casual games are without doubt the hottest trend in the Appstore and are completely dominating. We break down the core ingredients of their success and what goes into their winning designs.

By deconstructing the game design and strategies from the latest “Snackable” hit games you can transform the way you approach building games forever.

If you’re looking to sign that life changing Publisher Deal and want smash that No.1 top spot, you’ll need to research and study these games, and that’s where we have you covered.

👋🏻 Hey there, we’re Kevin & Jilly

We’ve been in the mobile space for a little over 6 years now and are extremely honoured to have amassed over 18 million downloads and signed 8 Major Mobile Publisher deals.

From our award winning game studio, we’re super proud to have been Featured 13 times by Apple in “New Games We Love” on the App Store homepage in over 140 countries worldwide and, cheeky flex, one of our games even made the briefest of appearances on an Apple TV Ad!

Kevin and Jilly - Team RisingHigh Academy

We’ve tried our fair share of tactics and strategies over the years and, after learning through trial and error, we’ve developed our game design philosophy on what works and what doesn’t, and we want to share our insights with you. 

We’ve now grown into a full-scale training company focussing on Hyper Casual Games Design and believe you deserve the right level of support and guidance to get the results you’re striving for, and that’s why we created the Academy.

RisingHigh Featured

Say Hello to the…

Homa Academy

Welcome to the Worlds Biggest library of Hyper Casual Mobile Games Resources including all our Courses, Training Workshops, Publisher Interviews, Downloads, Weekly Livestreams and so much more…

RisingHigh Academy

Who Joins The Homa Academy?

Solo Mobile Game Developers  Indie Game Studios  Mobile Publishers  Hyper Casual Publishing Managers & Teams

Our members range from beginner mobile game devs right through to Apple Featured, solo indie game developers and experienced world class Hyper Casual Rockstars who’ve published games with some of the biggest publishers on the planet.
Members such as…
Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

“Becoming a RisingHigh student was a great decision for me. The Academy has helped me learn game design, market research, discipline as a dev and many more key skills.”

Faizal Nazeer
Sling Birds 3D - Published by Voodoo
Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

"If you’re starting out in Hyper Casual you’re going to make a lot of mistakes and waste time. Grow from the knowledge & experience the Academy and the members have to share."

Chris Trudeau
Boost Jump - Published by HOMA GAMES

Here’s just some of the ways the Academy can help you…

You’ll stay up to date with all the hyper casual game trends and easily generate fresh new game ideas. Design creative, powerful hyper casual games to achieve better CPI, CTR and retention results.


Transform into a Game Ideation Machine

Get tips & techniques to boost your creativity.

Keep ahead of Hyper Casual Trends

Never miss a beat and leapfrog the competition.

Master Powerful Game Design Techniques

Create incredibly satisfying player experiences.

Discover the Top Publishers Key Metrics

All you need to know on how you land a publishing deal.

Understand the Hyper Casual Market

Deep insights on how the hyper casual Industry works.

Keep Focussed & Stop Wasting Time

Put your time, energy and resources in the right places.

What’s inside for Academy Members…

Re-imagine the way you research the App Store with

our Exclusive Market Intelligence Tool.

Academy StoreSpy

RisingHigh Academy StoreSpy - App Store Game Chart Ranking

Our market intelligence tool for keeping up to date with all the games hitting the US App Store every hour!

You’ll find all the movers and shakers and the most recent prototypes currently in testing. This is a great way to identify all the new trends, super power your ideation process and ensure you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

Browse the latest games in the Top iOS US Games Charts Updated every Hour.
All the Top Hyper Casual Publishers New Game Releases & Updates Tracked.
Browse Screenshots, Chart Rankings, Reviews, Game Updates andTimeline.
Explore Full Game Portfolios with the Latest Updates, Publisher Info and Stats.
Spy on all the fresh prototypes with our Hand Curated Top Game Studio Watchlist.
All the Major Hyper Casual Publishers Details listed with easy to use Quick Links.

Inside Academy StoreSpy

Learn the Secrets of

 Powerful Hyper Casual Game Design.

Hyper Casual Elite

Hyper Casual Elite - Game Design Course

Everything you need to immerse yourself in the world of Hyper Casual Gaming.

Take your game building to a whole new level with our huge resource for everything Hyper Casual. All the genres, mechanics and control systems to ensure you understand what works and what doesn’t.

Our 4 stage roadmap covers our extensive Hyper Casual Game Design Reference, The Creativity Toolbox, Important Game Design Elements and The Player Experience.

Currently over 50 Videos with more coming soon, we focus on game ideation, inspiration and all the resources you need to transform yourself into a game idea wizard!

Christoph and David...

Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

"I love the Friday live sessions and really appreciate Kevin and Jilly’s honest approach in the academy. You can ask literally anything and rest assure that they will share their own experience whenever they can (and that is really rare in this industry)."

Christoph Müller
Academy Member
Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

"Any developer at any level will gain a great deal by joining Kevin’s academy. Not only is Kevin a great person, but the Academy is full of tips, tricks, tools & the community is full of smart, like-minded individuals. I wish I had this when I was starting out!”

David Reichelt
Color Switch Creator

Keep Yourself Ahead of the Competition with Our Weekly instalment of
the ONLY Hyper Casual Game Design Show.

Homa Hangouts Live

Hyper Casual Games Live Show - Academy Live

Come join us for Academy Live every Friday where you’ll understand Hyper Casual game design at a deeper level.

We play test and deconstruct the Top Hyper Casual Games from the App Store each week. We dive into their entire game design from their UI / UX, game mechanics, art style and onboarding to figure out what makes them successful and just why are they trailblazing the charts.

Typically lasting around 2 hours, our Live Streaming Workshops, Coaching and In-depth Market Analysis keeps you up to date with all the Trend Research you need. We see what’s hot and what’s not and do your homework for you.

With our up to the minute research ensures you’re creating games that your players will love and the Top Publishers will actually want to sign.

We love it, our members love it and we think you’ll love it too.

Can’t make it Live?  No problem, all our archives are available ᐅ On Demand.

Your Academy Weekly Roundup Email has the replay details along with all games timestamped so you can quickly jump to your favourite mentioned in the episode!

Our Latest Hyper Casual Game Deconstructions on Academy Live.

Academy Live - Hyper Casual Game Design Show - 1
Also inside the Academy

But wait, there's more...

Game Icon Tester Pro - Icon Testing Tool

Game Icon Tester Pro

With Game Icon Tester Pro you can see how your icons will look on real devices and download all the sizes you need for iOS and Google Play in a single click.

Preview in both Light and Dark modes & once you’re happy with your design, simply download your organised icon pack and drop straight into your project!

Private, Positive & Supportive Community Forums.
Courses, Mini Workshops and Quick Win Tutorials.
Expert Developer & Publisher interviews and insights.
Watch Us Build Seasons 1 & 2. Apple Featured games.
App Store Foundations. 52 Masterclass Topics covered.
Swipe Files for Press coverage and Apple feature requests.

and we’re constantly adding to our ever growing library of content…

Our Members Get Results!

Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

“Joining Rising High Academy was one of the best decisions of my career. If you are an indie dev looking to make it big in the industry, THIS is the place for you.

Right from conceptualising game ideas through to publishing your game, they have got you covered on all fronts. Not only are Kevin and Jilly extremely resourceful and honest in their approach, they also have great community of smart and experienced developers who help carve your games to its best shape.

The best thing about the academy is the Friday Live sessions that help analyse fresh trends every week and the Test Drive sessions where Kevin and Jilly help take the game to the next level with their highly insightful feedback.

The support and the content provided in Rising High is unmatched. I am grateful that I became a member right when I dived into game development. Saved me a lot of time since they gave all the resources required to succeed in the gaming industry!"

Devi - Deven Studio
Founder Deven Studio, Archer Hero 3D - Voodoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely and you’re most welcome!

Whilst we do cover many advanced topics, our Foundation course alone will ensure you’re putting your best foot forward with the all the fundamentals covered for publishing on the Apple App Store. We can show you how to get started and support you along the way, there’s no need to go it alone!


If you're looking for a technical course then the Academy is not the place for you. We focus on game design and ideation techniques.

Of course our epic members are always super helpful over in the private community forums for technical support.


As soon as your an Academy Member for have 100% access to everything inside. No waiting on dripped content here.

Not only can you get feedback and advice at any time over in our private community forums, but each week on Academy Live we'll answer any pre-submitted questions or simply show up live and we'll do our best to answer then and there.


We cover a lot of ground within our “Watch Us Build” series where we use Buildbox Classic ( Buildbox 2 ) to create 2 of our Apple Featured games, however these are not really step-by-step tutorials.

We do have various workshops where we go into optimising our Buildbox games for release, adding analytics SDK’s and certain project settings to achieve gameplay types, but, if you are looking specifically for Buildbox training then we always suggest visiting the Official Buildbox Youtube Channel, the Buildbox Website and Forums.

Still unsure on something? If there’s anything at all that you’re not certain about or have other questions you can’t find the answer to, then click here to send us a message.

But don't just take our word for it...

Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

"Kevin & Jilly at RisingHigh are fantastic! They are really great at taking a step back and telling you what you need to tweak when comes to games or art. Their Training is freaking great, they really do think out side the box."

Collin Wade
Academy Member
Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

"If you are serious about Hyper Casual Games and mobile game business in general, then the RisingHigh Academy is a no-brainer. In an industry that is constantly changing, it’s really tough to navigate alone. RisingHigh fixes that."

Shawn Jones
Academy Member
Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

"Whether you are new to game development or an experienced developer the Rising High Academy needs to be on your radar! Prior to joining, I was in the constant cycle of starting a new game or project and never being able to finish it. Now I have the knowledge and more importantly the confidence needed to finish projects, it’s a great feeling and I have the Academy to thank for that! Kevin and Jilly have truly created an amazing community that I would proudly recommend to anyone else interested in game development."

Academy Member
Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

Kevin and Jilly at RisingHigh truly live up to the name. They are consistently creating games that not only rank high but raise the bar for game design. Their Training is awesome, they think outside the box and constantly impress. This is a must for any who's serious about game design and creating mobile games in general."

Trey Smith
Buildbox Founder
Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

"The most valuable thing for me is the Academy community, such a warm place based on very well established values. The info inside will turn you into a first class game maker and, if you’re willing to work hard, a better entrepreneur."

Academy Member
Join The RisingHigh Academy – Hyper Casual Game Courses & Community

"Just Go for it!

I was a bit reticent to spend money on something else after I had already spent quite a lot on software tools and other start-up costs, but the membership has already been invaluable. I spent some time enjoying the free content (podcasts etc) before I decided to take the plunge, but I can seriously say that I have no regrets at all.

The academy has helped give me a much better understanding of the market and how to be noticed. The Academy Live sessions on a Friday are one of the best things you can do with your week as they give you such insight into what is happening on the App Store as well as considering trends and game ideas. I have been consuming them all as quickly as I can and have a much better understanding of what is “on trend” and how things are constantly evolving.

The “Watch Us Build” series has really opened my eyes regarding how to rapidly prototype ideas and build a game from start to finish. The community is excellent, successful and very supportive and I know I have only scratched the surface of the Academy so far. Kevin and Jilly are inspiring, encouraging, knowledgeable and helpful.

If you are just starting out in the games business or are not seeing the success that you deserve then there is no better thing you could spend your money on than an academy membership. I am convinced that if I keep listening to this community and following the advice given that this membership will pay for itself. It is seriously good value compared to other options out there. Just go for it and don’t look back!"

Jon Scriven
Academy Member