Interview: Trey Smith – Buildbox CEO with 65M Downloads

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In this special Spotlight interview with Trey Smith, Kevin sits down with the Phases game creator, serial entrepreneur and Buildbox CEO and Founder.

Trey began his game building journey back in 2011 with the launch of Kolo’s Journey where he met and hired now Buildbox CTO Nik Rudenko. We dive into all the highs and lows and what goes into building his companies.

This was the beginning of the hugely popular Game Building company that is now Buildbox, along with a wildly successful Mobile Gaming business which has now amassed well over 65 Million downloads.

Trey and team have also secured multiple publishing deals with the Giant Publisher Ketchapp.

Trey talks openly about the struggles of setting up both companies, the systems he set up to ensure the company runs as smoothly as possible and how researching, learning and re-engineering is most likely his greatest skills.

From moving Nik and his family over from the Ukraine to the US, to becoming a pro at hiring only the best people, he explains how by stepping back from micro managing, the company has increased output dramatically.

More personally, his discusses his dreams of becoming a DJ when he moved over to the UK to ultimately starting Game Academy a training website with software.

Trey shares his game design process, his tips on how to, and what exactly is, polishing your game along with his secret for securing a major publishing deal for any mobile game that you make.

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