Top Hyper Casual Publishers

Hyper Casual Publishers own the App Store charts and if you’re looking to get your game published we have you covered. Finding the perfect publishing partner is a big decision and there are many factors to consider. Here you’ll find the very best of the best.

Publish Your Game with Top Hyper Casual Publishers

In this constantly evolving and super fast paced industry, since early 2017 and especially with the release of iOS 11, we’ve seen the rise of Hyper Casual Game Publishers and a huge shift in mobile game publishing.

Independent Studios who relied on organic installs from ASO, or just like us here at RisingHigh, Apple Features which drove plenty of players to our games, were no longer shown any Apple love with the rollout of iOS 11 and the new App Store.

Why Choose a Hyper Casual Publisher?

Powered by skilled mobile game marketing teams and spending millions of dollars in paid user acquisition ( UA ), they are able to drive an insane amount of downloads and brute force their games to the top of the App Stores. Whilst you may not find these games in any top grossing lists, they are generating remarkable revenue.

All of these top games have gone through soft launches, and have been thoroughly tested and benchmarked. Each publisher will have their own KPI’s ( Key Performance Indicators ) that they’ll use in this testing phase.

This benchmarking will usually include measuring Day 1 / Day 3 / Day 7 game retention interchangeably and, via various marketing campaigns, will look to achieve a Low CPI ( Cost Per Install ) meaning cheap installs.

Testing often comes in the form of CTR ( Click through Rate ) tests which essentially are short videos created to show the games ability to peak players interest and a peg in the ground for potential marketability. 

These high performing games rule the charts and it’s not by luck.

Who are the Top Mobile Games Publishers?

The rise of Hyper-Casual Publishers is the sign of a mature, booming market which are yielding high returns and huge download numbers and players.

Typically, the publishing deals are done on a revenue share model although each publisher will have different terms which are constantly changing. Many will also offer signing cash along with bonuses for achieving certain milestones.

Often as solo indie game developers, or usually at best in small teams, there’s simply no better chance of success than to team up with these giant global publishers. They can elevate your games and rule the top charts.

Make no mistake, it’s not all a bed of roses, but, for your games to truly fly high, consider pitching publishers your game and see where it takes you.

We’ve put together the definitive, Ultimate List of Hyper Casual Game publishers for 2021.

The following list details the Giants, the Big Guns, the ones you want to sign your game to and these are the Top Hyper Casual Game Publishers we deem most important right now.

The Complete List of Top Hyper Casual Publishers ( A to Z )

  • Amanotes
  • Azur Games ( AI Games FZ )
  • BoomHits ( BoomBit )
  • Crazy Labs
  • Coda Platform Ltd
  • Ducky Ltd
  • Gismart
  • Green Panda Games
  • Good Job Games
  • Homa Games
  • JoyPac
  • Ketchapp
  • Kwalee Ltd
  • Lion Studios
  • Moonee Publishing
  • Playgendary
  • Rollic Games ( Zynga Inc. )
  • SayGames LLC ( SayGames Ltd )
  • Supersonic Studios
  • TapNation
  • Tastypill
  • Voodoo
  • YSO Corp
  • Zplay

So that’s it! Have we missed any that should have made the cut? Are you a Hyper Casual Game Publisher and want to be added to our List?

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