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Well, it’s certainly official, Hyper Casual games are dominating the App Store Top Charts. We’ve been talking about Hyper casual games since early 2017 when we saw the rise of this new style of games going main stream with publishers like Voodoo leading the way.

The Rise of Hyper Casual Games

We saw Apple recognise the genre in their 2017 roundup by including the Hyper-Casual Trend in gaming.

These usually lightweight games, consisting of nothing much more than an addictive core loop on launch, are typically a few steps ahead of a MVP ( minimal viable product ) or prototype.

Apple 2017 Trends of the Year

Apple Trends 2017 - Hyper Casual Games

Mostly monetising through Ads rather than IAP’s, it’s unlikely you’ll see many of these games in the top grossing ranks.

Often even the publishers are not recognised as top performers, as those charts are traditionally curated through platform revenue, but this is super big business.

Pushed heavily via social media / influencer campaigns ( Snapchat / Instagram / Facebook ) top mobile publishers can achieve extremely low CPI’s ( cost per install ) thus propelling these simple, small mobile games to the pinnacle of the App Stores with a relatively modest budget.

Because if this, they are highly scalable and massively sharable and can often go viral pretty fast.

7 out of the Top 11 Free iPhone Games are Hyper Casual as of 30th July 2018.

This really is a Win/Win for both Publishers and Game Developers alike. Publishers can rapidly measure retention metrics to see if the game has potential, whilst developers can produce games way faster than normal, as these stripped back games generally have little actual content or depth.

Hyper Casual Game Publishers

With many game studios and new publishers adopting this business model, it also really works in the favour of the game developer.

With massive payouts it’s hardly surprising Hyper casual publishers are entering the market at a fierce pace.

If you’re looking to find a hyper-casual publisher for your game, be sure to head over to our Complete List of Hyper Casual Publishers ( A to Z ).

Hyper Casual Game Retention Benchmark Metrics

As Jilly was sadly unwell today, I stripped out a section of a recent webinar we held talking all about Hyper Casual Games, the retention benchmarks the Top Mobile Publishers are looking for and how, as game developers, we go about tracking this data.

We go way deeper on this subject and deconstruct some of the most successful Hyper Casual Games in our Course “Seriously Snackable” but there’s some real actionable content from the webinar too.

I expand on some of the ingredients we need to put into our games to elevate our chances of success.

Whilst in essence this all sounds rather easy and fast, achieving these numbers is super tough. The winners are the games that you generally look at and think “jeez, that’s so simple why didn’t I think of that!”

We’ve yet to try and build a Hyper Casual game ( ours all fit into the Casual genre ) but we’ll soon be on the case and it’s super exciting.

If you want to dive deeper into all this, be sure to Check out the Academy where there’s tons of great video content, courses, detailed deconstructions and epic game dev conversations going on.

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