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Hyper Casual Games Course – Immerse yourself in the world of Hyper Casual Games

When you hear the term “Game Developer” you’ll probably think of someone who makes games. However, it’s not quite that straight forward when packaging it all up under one catch all umbrella.

There’s a ton of disciplines and skillsets that go into building games, even relatively simple ones like Hyper Casual Games.

The “Game Developer” is really the coder, the person who uses their left side of their brain as it controls logic, whereas the  “Game Designers” or “Level Designers” are the more creative types using the right side.

It’s kinda like the difference between the engineer who builds the engine of a car and the people or person who drives it.

Hyper Casual Games Course - Hyper Casual Elite

With this in mind, we created our Hyper Casual Games Course with a strong focus on creative ideation and game design.

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • Your game design is not your strongest suit.
  • Your level design always seems a bit boring and obvious.
  • You’re drawing a blank when coming up with new game ideas.
  • Your games are technically great but never quite hit those important numbers.

If you are struggling with any of the above then we’re here to help you and you’re most definitely in the right place.

The Hyper Casual Elite Roadmap

Game Design Reference
The Creativity Toolbox
Game Design Elements
The Player Experience

Within this Hyper Casual Games Course you’ll find our 4 stage roadmap. The Roadmap covers our extensive Hyper Casual Game Design Reference, The Creativity Toolbox, Important Game Design Elements and The Player Experience. Anchored by game ideation techniques and inspiring resources to expand your success, you’ll have all the tools needed to transform yourself into a game idea master!

The practical skills you need to grow as a game designer.

Take your game building to a whole new level with our huge resource for everything Hyper Casual.

All the game genres, mechanics and control systems to ensure you understand what works and what doesn’t.

Our Vast Library of Hyper Casual Resources at your fingertips…

Each section of Hyper Casual Elite is designed to guide you every step of the way from game ideation and conception, through to which game design elements are worth spending your time developing. Have a question you need the answer to? No problem, we’re here for you in our private community forums and can also go more in-depth on Academy Live

Dozens of References...

Hyper Casual Elite is packed with examples and reference material.

Transform the way you look at your Hyper Casual Game Design.

Hyper Casual Elite - Full Course
Hyper Casual Elite - End of Level Gamification
Hyper Casual Elite - Game Genre - Satisfaction
Hyper Casual Elite - Production Quality
Hyper Casual Elite - Game Ideas
Hyper Casual Elite - Hyper Casual Game DNA
Hyper Casual Elite - Level Progression Bars
Hyper Casual Elite - The P.A.S.S.E.D Method
Hyper Casual Elite - 2D to 3D
Hyper Casual Elite - Chest Rooms
Hyper Casual Elite - Game Feel and Juice
Hyper Casual Elite - Game Sounds and Music

All the Hyper Casual Game Genres

What type of game are you looking to build? We have all the genres covered with Video examples and links to all the games.

Hyper Casual Game Genres - Shooting
Hyper Casual Game Mechanics - Pulling Back

All the Hyper Casual Game Mechanics

Game Mechanics are the building blocks of any game and can often combine several different types.

Discover all the popular Hyper Casual Game Mechanics on Video, so no more searching.

Creative & Ideation Techniques

Become a true Game Ideation Guru with techniques and strategies to ensure you’ll never get stuck for a new game idea again.

Hyper Casual Game - Source of Inspiration - Nintendo
Hyper Casual Game - Game Design Elements - The P.A.S.S.E.D Method

Powerful Game Design Elements

All the latest strategies in hyper casual game design.

Unlike other courses that are out of date a few weeks later, we’re constantly adding new content so you’ll never get left behind.

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