How to Name your Game – Find The Perfect Title!

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This episode covers how to name your game and find that perfect title. We discuss why the importance of coming up with a name that truly reflects the nature and tone of your game completely sets your potential players expectations even before they download it.

Choosing the wrong game can lead to player disappointment and a mismatch here can really damage and restrict downloads and marketability. But have no fear, there’s some handy online tools to come to the rescue and will aid in your research, along with some things to consider for ASO purposes when thinking on how to name your game.

How to Name your Game – Find The Perfect Title!

  1. Your game name should match the theme and tone of the gameplay.
  2. Start with the motion, goals or mechanics of your game.
  3. Two Word “Rhyming” titles are usually best for “Fun / Silly / Arcade” games.
  4. Misspelling or adding punctuation marks can get you close if your chosen name has already been taken.
  5. Use online Thesaurus sites like for ideas and inspiration.
  6. Reserve your name inside iTunesConnect to ensure you’ve secured it prior to release.
  7. Keeping it short and snappy makes it easier to remember.
  8. Avoid long spammy titles, no-one likes those.
  9. One word game names can make a big impact.

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