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So you want to make a game, but what sort of game should you make and how do you come up with new game ideas?

In this our pilot episode of the podcast, we answer this, by far the most common question we get asked.

After a brief introduction of who we are here at RisingHigh, we dive straight in and start breaking down how we go about getting our new game ideas, where we draw inspiration from and our roundabout process on how our concepts come to life.

It’s a very organic process, but through various sources we can merge genres, fuse ideas and create something we can put our own unique spin on.

How to Get New Game Ideas

  1. Using the Appstore to see what is hot in the current market, Top 100 Free Games.
  2. Data mine reviews for customer insights.
  3. Browse Game Jam Sites for unusual Game Ideas.
  4. Look at art installations and architecture.
  5. Be present in your environment, get out and about and be open to the world around you.
  6. The Featured Games that Apple showcases each week.
  7. Online gaming sites.
  8. Game Fusion – Merging Genres to create a new take on existing proven mechanics.
  9. Research the Biggest Publishers on the Appstore and look at their bestsellers.

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