Game Level Design Tips, Tricks (With Ideas)

This week on the Podcast

In this episode, we discuss game level design tips and tricks.

We sit down and go through some of our techniques, along with some resources that we use to pull from, when the creative juices just aren’t flowing.

Using a combination of all these tactics should mean you’ll never get stuck on game level design again.

What happens when you’re all out of ideas when designing levels in your game? I’ve done the platform that moves left to right, I’ve done the platform going up and down, now what can I do? What can I do to overcome my creative block?

Game Level Design Tips, Tricks (With Ideas)

  1. Take time away from the project, fresh eyes and a break often does wonders.
  2. Browse Youtube for similar games in your genre and watch a “Let’s Play” stream.
  3. Watching gameplay rather than playing enables you to see things differently.
  4. Look at the classics in your genre, borrow from the masters – Do NOT copy!
  5. Introduce a new mechanic, enemy, character or world into your game.
  6. Go watch an action Movie.
  7. Get feedback from your networks / social media. Make sure you state you’re looking for help.
  8. Think about what emotion you want the player to feel.
  9. Go play some games!

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