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We had an interesting question come in this week from Podcast listener Stuart. Thanks Stuart! He asks:

I’m half way through building my game and I’m starting to have a think about marketing. Do mobile games need a website or press kit and is it something worth doing anyway?”.

Great question! So, at this point it really does depend on what your goals are for the game you’re building.

If you’re a hobbyist game maker and just love the process and creation, you may feel you want to create a community around your project, and building a website about your game can be a lot of fun.

It’s a great way to engage fellow hobbyists, game creators and potential players and fans.

Now, if on the other hand, you are looking to sign a publishing deal, or pitch to Apple for one of their feature spots in “New Games We Love”, then the question of  “Do mobile games need a website or press kit”, is for us, pretty much a no brainer.

Do I need a Website for my Mobile Game?

People tend to think that a dedicated website for their game must be a hugely complicated tech project. Truth is, for the most part, they are super easy to put together and take very little time to set up.

There’s are a ton of templates on the market which make the whole process quick and simple to do. This by no means has to be elaborate, just a landing page with your game video, game description, icon, screenshots, release date and perhaps a few gifs.

Is it all really worth doing? We know for sure that when we pitched Apple with our first game from RisingHigh Studio ( our first solo launch ) that someone from the Apple Team visited our website.

So for us, it’s definitely worth it! Would it have made any difference if we hadn’t of bothered, we’ll never know for sure, but in our book it’s a box ticked, and we always like to be ready to cover any possibilities.

We’d certainly recommend anyone wanting to go this route to take a little extra time in putting together a website. It’s also great to see all your hard work displayed on your own landing page and adds that professional touch.

If you’re looking for any press coverage for your game this is where your website can come into its’ own.

It will make it easy for any journalist to visit your page and be able to download assets along with all your games information. Basically, everything they need to produce their article lickety spilt!

Journalists often have a set quota of articles they need to produce for daily deadlines.

By providing everything at their fingertips, this can potentially be the difference between picking your pitch over that of Joe “Not so Awesome Game” Smith, who hasn’t taken the time and effort to package up his project at all.

10 Reasons to have a Website for your Game

1. Build Up Pre-Launch buzz & a place to store your games press kit.
2. Let your Audience in on “Behind the Scenes” exclusive content.
3. Unlimited space to showcase more assets (Screenshots / Game Trailers).
4. Connect directly with your players.
5. Showcase any press coverage & your best user reviews.
6. Gain additional SEO Juice and Google Ranking.
7. Build up an email list for launch and any game updates.
8. Download links to all available App Stores and platforms.
9. Display any accolades or awards received.
10. Links to all your social media accounts.

So what is a Press Kit?

Your Press Kit essentially contains all the information and marketing assets for your game. Think of this as a collection of all your written text and visuals that would or could be on your website. It’s your game in a book!

This is perfect for Journalists, so instead of having to copy and paste text from your website, having to download images and then grab links to your video etc, they can simply download your pre-prepared package to make this real easy for them.

Your chances of getting some coverage has just been boosted x10!

So what should be in my Games Press Kit?

Here’s what we recommend at the very least to include in your games’ press kit.

  • Company Information
  • App Preview Video.
  • Platform Release Information ( App Store / GooglePlay / Amazon / Steam etc… ).
  • Price ( Paid / Freemium ).
  • Game Title and Description.
  • Launch Date.
  • Game Screenshots.
  • Game Icon.

The beauty of this is that you’ve already done all the hard work upfront. Your assets and copy are required as par for the course when submitting to the stores and platforms.

Make the most of them, re-purpose them and squeeze everything you can out of them. Gather them all together, zip them up and make yourself a Press Kit.


Once you’ve pulled everything together, a simple “Download Press Kit” link pointing to all your goodies will see you done.

When your game goes live, be sure to include a direct link to the stores too.

So, “Do mobile games need a website or press kit” should become, “why wouldn’t I”.

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