Developer Spotlight – Homa Games – Jason Lovett

We’re thrilled to share the conversation we had with RisingHigh Academy Member Jason from Homa Games!

From indie developer with a viral hit to landing a job at Homa Games and releasing his first hyper casual hit game, we cover a lot of ground in Jasons amazing story so far.


Hyper Casual Game Development

We discuss emigrating to France from the US and what it’s actually like to work for one of the leading hyper casual publishers on the planet.

Jason was so generous in sharing so many great insights and taking the time to follow up when we played his game Kaiju Run live on Academy Live 204 along with his fantastic post over on the community forums!

Kaiju Run - HOMA GAMES

Kaiju Run

Publisher: HOMA GAMES

When there’s giant monsters roaming the city there’s only one thing for it, you have to grow your own monsters and fight back. Trouble is all your guys are small and cute! Teach them how to mutate and evolve into giant versions of themselves and you’re in with a chance to blast away those beasts from hell.

About Homa Games – You develop, Homa publish.

Homa Games are buidling up a fun-loving team creating some of the best mobile games that entertain the world.

Experts in every step of the publishing process they will provide you with the all right tools and best practices so your game can reach the top of the charts and ensure it’s played by millions of players worldwide.

If you’re looking to sign your game with one of the biggest mobile publishers of Hyper Casual games on the planet then Homa Games is a fantastic choice of partner.

Be sure to mention you came from the Academy and you’ll jump to the front of the queue, ahh yeah!

Homa Games - Top Hyper Casual Publisher
Homa Games - Hyper Casual Publisher - Leave Your Mark in the Gaming Industry.

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