New iOS Screen Sizes - iPhone XS - iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

All iOS Screen Resolution Sizes 2019 for Game Devs ( iPhone XS, XS MAX & XR )

New iOS Screen Sizes - iPhone XS - iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

Each September brings new iPhones and as game developers, that also means brand new screen sizes to deal with too!

Here’s the low down on all the iPhone screen sizes you’ll need to cater for in 2019 including the brand new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.


Device Portrait dimensions Landscape dimensions
12.9″ iPad Pro 2048px × 2732px 2732px × 2048px
10.5″ iPad Pro 1668px × 2224px 2224px × 1668px
9.7″ iPad 1536px × 2048px 2048px × 1536px
7.9″ iPad mini 4 1536px × 2048px 2048px × 1536px
iPhone XS Max 1242px × 2688px 2688px × 1242px
iPhone XS 1125px × 2436px 2436px × 1125px
iPhone XR 828px × 1792px 1792px × 828px
iPhone X 1125px × 2436px 2436px × 1125px
iPhone 8 Plus 1242px × 2208px 2208px × 1242px
iPhone 8 750px × 1334px 1334px × 750px
iPhone 7 Plus 1242px × 2208px 2208px × 1242px
iPhone 7 750px × 1334px 1334px × 750px
iPhone 6s Plus 1242px × 2208px 2208px × 1242px
iPhone 6s 750px × 1334px 1334px × 750px
iPhone SE 640px × 1136px 1136px × 640px


App Sparky Icon Tester

The importance of App Icon Scalability & why we Built our own Tool


Although your App Icon may look stunningly great at it’s largest resolution, the reality is that your customers will only ever see your icon on an iPhone or iPad.

So, it’s super important when designing your App Icon, to ensure that all testing should be carried out by viewing the smallest sized version, aka – The App Store sizes.

There are various ways to do this, but one simple way is to…

1 Head over to 🙂 - Step 1

2 Upload.


Select your icon and simply drag it directly onto the ‘Arrow Icon’ button, or open up a finder window to browse for your icon image. Icon files must be uploaded in either .png or .jpg format. - Step 2

3 Done!


Once the upload is complete, the first 3 views will give you an indication of a large size on different background shades. - App Icon Step 3


Scroll down further and you’ll see your new icon displayed on both iPad and iPhone store screens to give you a real good impression of how your customers will see it.

These are the more relevant sizes, the first one being how your icon will look on the App Store product page on both iPad and iPhone. You’ll also see the homepage of both devices, the Category section of the App Store, Top Charts section and finally on the App Store homescreen of a device.



All you need to do now is to download the complete pack as we’ve resized them for you. Your original large size is not packaged to avoid theft when sharing your designs, but all the other necessary sizes are there ready for you to use and drag and drop into your projects.

To get feedback on your icons, you can use the Facebook and Twitter sharing options at the top of the screen, or simply copy your bespoke shortlink and paste that where ever you choose. We’ll keep your icons indefinitely for you.

Another really cool feature is the “Save to Homescreen” option when browsing on your device. Simple navigate to your link, or have your designer send it to you, and you’ll see your icon directly on your device just as it would be if downloaded from the App Store itself, the perfect test 🙂

So be sure to use our free Icon testing tool for your icons. Remember that your customers will only ever see the small versions, so these need to be clear, crisp and easily recognisable at the small resolutions on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Start testing your app icons today 🙂

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