Buildbox 3D and The K.I.S.S Rule

This week on the Podcast

This week on the Podcast we finish up our devlog style episodes for this month and we look ahead to what we’ll be working on for the 2nd half of 2018, meaning Buildbox 3 or Buildbox 3D.

Buildbox 3 is coming soon! ( Buildbox 3D )

With the imminent release of Buildbox 3 ( Buildbox 3D Beta ) in the coming weeks, we’re super pumped to get back into our favourite game creation software and take a look at the next generation of Buildbox.

We’ve built all our 13 Games using Buildbox.

Whilst of course it’s very exciting to have new tools to play with and finally get to play around in 3D, it’s also worth remembering that the Arcade Style “Hyper Casual Games” that are dominating the charts, and the ones we love to build, are always simple in concept.

In fact, we deconstructed a whole ton of these in our Hyper Casual Games course “Seriously Snackable”, that covers the very essence of these games revolving around the core loop and really not much else.

The temptation to keep adding all the whistles and bangs in our games is ever present and it’s usually a good idea to add a few, but it’s important to restrain from deviating too much and getting lost in mechanics and FX that bring nothing to table so to speak. Focus around the Core Loop first and foremost.

K.I.S.S – Keep it Super Simple ( Keep it Simple Stupid – Jilly’s Favourite )

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