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What does iOS 11 mean for Indie Game Developers?

We took a deep dive into the New iOS 11 Appstore on our Weekly Academy Live Session. Here’s the first 40 or so minutes where we look at the new Apple Appstore and what it means for Indie Game Developers and what we need to do to make ourselves standout.     I personally love […]

Game #Reboot – Don’t ignore your old games

  It’s always fun to look back over your old games and remind yourself how much work actually went into the creation! I’ve been going through our portfolio and preparing some update plans to breathe some life into the old faithful, so don’t ignore your old games! 1st on my list will be 99 Moons, […]

Glide Level Building in Buildbox – Temple World

  Here’s a small glimpse inside one of the Academy “Watch Us Build” Season 1 video’s. I sit down for a marathon Buildbox session and build a level from Temple world inside our game • Glide. Whilst the video is on the long side, this is the reality of creating our games. To be fair, Temple […]