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Glide Level Building in Buildbox – Temple World

  Here’s a small glimpse inside one of the Academy “Watch Us Build” Season 1 video’s. I sit down for a marathon Buildbox session and build a level from Temple world inside our game • Glide. Whilst the video is on the long side, this is the reality of creating our games. To be fair, Temple […]

Spotlight Interview – Chris Trudeau – Voodoo Games – Signing a Publishing Deal and an App Store Success Story

Today I sit down with Academy Member Chris Trudeau of Boston Trudeau Studios, who landed himself a Voodoo publishing deal with his latest game title Twenty48 Solitaire, so huge congrats to Chris, super excited at such an awesome success story. Download: Twenty48 Solitaire In our conversation, we discuss how Chris made the leap from being […]

026: Hyper Casual Games – Retention, Mobile Publishers and the Domination of Hyper Casual Mobile Games.

It’s certainly official, Hyper Casual games are dominating the App Store Top Charts. In early 2017, we saw the rise of Hyper Casual games going main stream with publishers like Voodoo.io leading the way with their smash hit paper.io. Apple recognised the genre in their 2017 roundup by including the Hyper-Casual Trend in gaming. Apple […]