Top 10 ways to add Surprise and Wonder to your games

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In this episode, we compiled our Top 10 ways to add surprise and wonder to your games. These are the moments in your games that create emotional reactions from your players.

As game developers, all want our players to fall in love with our games, but what elements are you actually creating within your game to delight them?

Adding surprise and wonder to your game is how you woo your players and turn them into super fans. How to achieve this will always depend on your game feel and type, however we believe it can be achieved in any game regardless style or genre.

When done well and paced correctly, it can be the difference between a good game and a great game. Think of it as sprinkling magic moments into you game after it’s been polished.

Here are some key questions to ask about your game right now?

– Are you making your players smile or laugh?
– Are you making your players jump out of their skin?
– Are you creating instances of “Wow” and “Awe”?

Think mostly on how you can create standalone moments or sequences,  the moments that potentially they “have” to share with friends and family. 

Just for a second, remember a game you’ve played in the past and the experience you’ve had with it. This experience could be both during or after, often these can be quite different anyways.

It could be that the game was amazing and totally enjoyable only to be spoilt be being too short or have a crappy ending. But when you settle on one, that is the essence of adding surprise and wonder to your games.


It doesn’t necessarily need to be a profound life changing moment or a spiritual awakening. Far from it, however the more powerful moment you can create in context with your game the better.  

Here’s our Top 10 key elements you can think about implementing to really hook them in and ensure your games icon stays front and centre on their devices.

Top 10 ways to add Surprise and Wonder to your games.

  1. Scale of Environment.
  2. Secret places / Bonus Levels.
  3. Unexpected Rewards / End of level celebrations.
  4. Special and or Secret Characters or Worlds.
  5. Change in Game Mechanics.
  6. Invoking Emotions including – Panic / Joy / Anticipation / Excitement.
  7. Adding the Wow Factor – Creating Awe and adding Character Reactions.
  8. Change in Music and Sounds ( Atmosphere ).
  9. Introducing Power ups / Bonus Coins or Levels.
  10. Unlocking Achievements.

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