Academy Team Plans.

Your perfect companion for Hyper Casual Game Trends and Game Design.

Academy Team Plans

Transform your teams and studios into creative game design heroes!

With the speed of Hyper Casual it seems every week there’s a new trend or certain gameplay mechanic that comes out of nowhere and smashes the charts. It’s hard to find the time to keep up with the market and ensure you’re making the right game at the right time. 

Let us do some of your homework for you by delivering fresh new content every single week and reducing your time as we cover what’s hot and happening in the world of Hyper Casual.

Our Academy Team Plans provide you a central place to keep up to date with the market and often fill the knowledge gaps especially for small teams and solo developers relatively new to Hyper Casual. 

As an Elite partner you’ll  also enjoy the additional benefits with us by strengthening your brand positioning and offering both your internal teams and external studios training without the need to over burden your publishing and game managers.

Here's how our plans breakdown

Indie Studio ★ Pro

5 Seats

$129 p/m

Perfect for small teams and studios looking to boost collaboration and ignite brainstorming sessions. Each team member has their own unique login and full access to everything. 

1 Main Account + 5 addition seats. ( = $21.50 per seat each calendar month ).  Join Today

Publisher Plus +

15 Seats

$299 p/m

For those larger teams or publishers wanting to extend the knowledge along with offering further support and growth of studio partners. 

1 Main Account + 15 addition seats. ( = $18.60 per seat each calendar month ).  Join Today


30 Seats

$499 p/m

Our Ultimate package with all the Hyper Casual goodness of our other plans but with 30 seats and some added promotional bonuses.

1 Main Account + 30 addition seats. ( = $16.09 per seat each calendar month ). 

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So how does it all work?

Once you’ve created your main account, adding seats is a fast and easy process. As the main account holder you’re in complete control to add or remove seats anytime.

Option A

Once logged in you can simply head over to your subscriptions tab from your account page and click the “Sub Accounts” link.

Adding Accounts - Option A

Option B

Alternatively, you can simply share your bespoke link via email, great for CC’ing a few of your teams / Studio members in 1 go!

Still have questions or like to schedule a call?

If you’d like any more information about any of our Academy plans or to arrange a demo, please use the form below to get in touch.

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