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Come join us for the Homa Hangout Live Show every Friday where you’ll understand Hyper Casual game design at a deeper level.

We play test and deconstruct the Top Hyper Casual Games from the App Store each week.

We dive into their entire game design from their UI / UX, game mechanics, art style and onboarding to figure out what makes them successful and just why are they trailblazing the charts.

Hyper Casual Games Show - Academy Live

Academy Live – Hyper Casual Game Deconstructions

Typically lasting around 1-2 hours, our Live Streaming Workshops, Coaching and In-depth Market Analysis keeps you up to date with all the Hyper Casual Trend Research you need.

We also answer any questions you may have for the week and it’s your opportunity to raise any topics you need help with.

Using our market intelligence tool Academy StoreSpy, we go through all the new releases to hit the App Store along with checking out the Top 200 Free Games. We see what’s hot and what’s not and do your homework for you. 

With our up to the minute research this ensures you’re noticing trends and what is working in the market right now.

We ensure you’re creating games that your players will love and the Top Hyper Casual Publishers will actually want to sign.

Just some of the previous episodes of Academy Live

  • Run Rich 3D – Voodoo
  • Wet Hoops – Voodoo
  • Hit Guys – Rollic Games
  • Skate Squad – Popa Radu
  • Super Hero Run 3D – 8SEC
  • Hero Squad – 8SEC
  • Flipping Hero – ArmNomads LLC
  • Sticky Flip – Voodoo
  • Slice It All – Voodoo
  • Hoop Masters – Estoty
  • Happy Printer – Tap2Play LLC
  • Mad Dogs – Supersonic Studios
  • ASC Runner – JoyPac
  • Anti Aircraft 3D – Rollic Games
  • Blob Runner 3D – Zynga Inc
  • Crowd Defense – Ketchapp
  • Run And Gun – SayGames LTD
  • Crowd Masters! – Tap2Play LLC
  • Superhero Race! BoomHits. sp
  • Mob Control – Voodoo
  • Fit 2 Fat – Voodoo
  • Ice Man 3D – Lion Studios
  • Save The Town – Homa Games
  • Get it Right! – Supersonic Studios
  • BattleCrowd! – Voodoo
  • Crash Master 3D – Voodoo
  • Real Drive 3D – Coda Platform
  • Tricky Track 3D – Voodoo
  • High Heels – Zynga Inc
  • Harvest It! – Homa Games

and dozens more…

  • Join Clash – Supersonic Studios
  • Runner Pusher – Voodoo
  • Match Hit! – SayGames LTD
  • Titans Slayer – AI Games
  • Helicopter Escape – SayGames LTD
  • Farmland 3D – Homa Games
  • Pusher 3D – Voodoo
  • Mudder Trucker 3D – Kwalee Ltd
  • Just Survive – Ketchapp
  • Agent Zero! – Groo Gadgets Pty
  • Fail Run – Voodoo
  • Prison Wreck – Homa Games
  • Roof Rails – Voodoo
  • Shortcut Run – Voodoo
  • Swing Loops – SayGames LLC

Easily Skip to your Favourite Game with Video Chapters

Academy Live - Hyper Casual Game Design Show - Video Chapters

Think of these as “Quick Jumps” to sections enabling you to go directly to specific content topics without the need to scrub through.

You’ll see “Dots” on every Video Timeline along with an icon on the player. Simply hover over and click on the Dot to jump to that chapter or use the chapter icon ( 3 small lines ) to select the section.

Can’t make it Live?

No problem at all, your Academy Weekly Roundup Email has the replay along with all games timestamped so you can quickly jump to your favourite game mentioned in the episode!

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