7 reasons why you should add an App Store Preview Video

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In today’s show, we answered a question from Podcast listener Brad. He asked if he should add an App Store preview video to his product page?. 

With this in mind, we put together our Top 7 reasons for adding an App Preview on the App Store and the 1 reason why you shouldn’t.

Generally speaking, adding a game trailer, or App Store preview video, to your App Store pages is a positive move.

Although screenshots allow you to showcase your games best moments, there’s really no substitute for seeing the game in action and watching a demo first hand.

Motion is hard to convey in the static of the screenshots, and for this reason alone it’s worth it.

Your games App Store page is essentially your shop window and what all your hard work has been about.

You’ve spent weeks or months creating your masterpiece, so don’t fall at the last hurdle, grit through the final stages and put that video together.

If your game deserves more than 1 App Store preview video, then it’s certainly worth doing we’d say, but there’s no need to feel compelled to fill space just for the sake of it.

With all that said, if your game is so simple or is in essence not at all visually compelling, we highly recommend not including an App Store Preview Video in your store listing.

It could well be that a poorly executed video may hurt your downloads.

7 reasons why you should add an App Store

preview video.

  1. Apple allows us to add 3 App Store preview videos, we should use them.
  2. Conversion Rates are believed to be between 15 – 30% increased with games with App / Game Previews.
  3. You can show all the best and exciting parts of your game, explosions and effects.
  4. It showcases your games personality and the actual speed of the gameplay.
  5. The use of Music sets the overall tone of your game.
  6. You can add additional marketing messages and calls to actions.
  7. You’ll need a video for your game regardless, so you might as well!

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