5 Reasons why to sign a Deal with a Mobile Publisher

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This week we discuss our 5 reasons why to sign a deal with a mobile publisher. The plans and goals any Indie Game Developer should follow when making games for the mobile platforms.

Be it the Apple App Store, GooglePlay or Amazon, our advice is always the same whether you’re an absolute beginner or have been making games for a while, head for that Publishing Deal.

There’s a multitude of benefits for teaming up with an established mobile game publisher when launching your titles, the most important arguably is traffic. Your game needs eyeballs and exposure.

Without exposure your game will fail. It’s the harsh reality of any game or any product for that matter.

Without a solid User Acquisition ( UA ) strategy in place it’s going to be a struggle to drive downloads to your game and to get noticed.

Any Publisher worth their salt already have a vast, daily active network of players within their existing portfolio to cross promote and market your game to, this is vital especially on launch day. If you’re not sure if this is the case then it’s time to do more research and homework.

You always want to be asking yourself, “What can this Publisher do for me?” What are they bringing to the table that you couldn’t or do not have the knowledge or time to do yourself.

They’ll also have solid connections within the industry especially with the platforms themselves and this reason alone could be why you’d want to sign a deal with a mobile publisher.

They can get your game in front of the people who make the decisions on the games that will be featured on any given week on the stores ( Thursday is the main refresh and launch day ) and often have contacts in the press to get that all important exposure.

They bring experience you can learn from and for the most part know what will, and will not work.

You’ll also typically earn more money from your mobile game if you sign a deal with a mobile publisher.

With downloads comes increased revenue and it’s also not uncommon for the Mobile Publishers to have special deals with the Ad Networks to ensure the highest eCPM possible for the ads that show.

Although you are sacrificing a decent percentage of the total revenue of the game ( usually it’s a 50 / 50 Split ( after any UA costs ) you’ll still earn way more due to the downloads achieved.

It’s a win / win situation and we strongly believe that you should be striving to build a game and sign a publisher deal within your first 10 games if you’re serious about building games in the mobile space.

5 Reasons why to sign a Deal with a Mobile Publisher

  1. It sets your standards high right out the gate – Average generally won’t make the cut.
  2. Forces you to do your market research to increase your chances of building games the publishers want.
  3. Publishers usually have great relationships with the Editors in Platform Feature Teams ( Apple App Store, GooglePlay, Amazon ).
  4. They have Traffic and can drive downloads – An established cross promotion network of players to market your game.
  5. You’ll typically Earn more money with your game. A smaller slice of a much larger pie generally works out better.

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