The 5 Factors of Fun – How to add some fun into your games

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In todays podcast, we talk all about introducing  that fun factor in your video games. So how do we define fun when it comes to our games and how to add some fun into your games?

Pigeon holing fun is certainly a tricky one for sure. What is fun for me, could quite possibly not be particularly fun for you. 

Rather than thinking of the word “Fun” in the traditional sense, we should be thinking about our Games as being an experience, to which fun is an aspect.

For instance, let’s say we have built a Horror themed game where there’s spooky moments, creepy music and scare jumps a plenty.

Whilst there may not be too many “fun” aspects, it’s can still be completely “enjoyable” or “entertain” us.

Why is this? When we boil everything down, each and every game you’ll ever play will consist of training us in some aspect, teaching us control mechanics and gameplay systems.

We’ll master timing and “hand to eye” co-ordination mixed with the achievement of completing levels or beating bosses.

All of these factors combined, and many others including completing puzzles and those satisfying moments when you defeat that boss can be motivating, engaging and have positive reinforcing side-effects.

These, and many more aspects, amount to certain levels of fun, enjoyment and satisfaction, even if we don’t really realise it. Use our 5 Factors of fun list below to see how to add some smiles into your games

How to add some fun into your games

1. Overcoming Challenges and Problem solving.

Challenge > Adversity / Obstruction > Goal & Satisfaction

2. Levelling up and Game Progression.

Adding Achievements & Plenty of Rewards

3. Generate Interest, intrigue and curiosity.

Wonder and surprise

4. The unknown is fun (Check out Episode 7 – Surprise and Wonder).

5. Create Balance & Pinch Points.

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