Episode 027 - Podcast Hiatus

027: Game dev Podcast Hiatus, New Game Building Focus & Time Management Dilemmas.

Game Dev Podcast - 027 - Podcast Hiatus

After our Academy Anniversary month of July, we took some time for a lot of soul searching about what is next on the agenda for us as a Indie Game Studio and the company in general. The fact is, it has been way too many months since the production of our last game, and this has long been an itch that badly needs scratching! We love doing the podcast and it’s been a lot of fun, but it has surprised us at just how long a process it is.

We’ve come to the difficult decision to take a short hiatus on the podcast, to enable us to free up some pure focus time to head off and start a new game and concentrate on providing the best advice and service to all Academy Members.

We’ll be back to share all our highs and lows on our game dev antics, along with the problems we face and how we solved them ( or not )!

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Bye for now and we’ll speak to you very soon indeed.

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