Episode 022 - Revisitting Old Games

022: Behind the Scenes – Reasons why you should revisit your old games.

Game Dev Podcast - 022 - Revisit & Refresh Your Old Games

For all you seasoned game developers out there, when September time rolls around and Apple releases new devices and iOS versions, more often than not we need to update something to ensure our old games still work correctly.

Whilst this can be a pain the you know what, it can actually be turned into a positive, and a time to revisit our old games, breathe some life back into them and bring them up to date.

Generally speaking, updating all our App Store Creatives ( EG: App Icons / App Store Screenshots / Game description ), any external SDK’s and perhaps even adding App Store Previews to our store listing is a great way to refresh our game portfolio’s.

We have often left out features or mechanics that we originally planned to include in our games, but for one reason or another ended up ditching.

Reasons for this are varied, perhaps because of time constraints or even software issues we faced at the time of build, often down to our own skill levels at this early time for the Studio. So this is a great time for us to take another look at our project as a whole, what the game possibly benefit from and if it’s worth a small overhaul whilst we are doing the necessary iOS updates.

Sometimes even culling part of the original project to inject the ‘missing parts’, can have an huge impact to the feel of the game, as can changing out colour palettes or altering the pace. With a seriously long break from the project, it’s amazing what fresh eyes, gained experience and a different outlook can make.

We made a lot of mistakes that are now clear to see, almost to the point of saying “What were we thinking!”

But with that said, we also did a lot right and we can take this opportunity to hone in and polish up some of the successful gameplay and mechanics. We dropped the ball not keeping some of our games alive, to capitalise on their early success and really flesh them out more. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

For a large part of our game portfolio, these were built back in the day when rage games were popular and trending, but this not so much the case now. With the market constantly changing, by updating even a small part of your game, you can keep up to date with the current landscape and what players are now demanding.

Perhaps it’s time you took a look at your portfolio and older games. Are there any that you can breathe some life back into, revamp or even create a sequel to? Your mission if you choose to accept it is open them up and think about doing just that!

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