Episode 012 - The 5 factors of fun you’ll find in every game you’ll ever play

012: The 5 Factors of Fun you’ll find in Every Game you’ll Ever Play.

Game Dev Podcast - 012 - Game Project Fun Factor

Defining Fun is certainly a tricky one for sure. What is fun for me, could quite possibly not be particularly fun for you. So how do we define fun when it comes to our games? 

Rather than thinking of the word “Fun” in the traditional sense, we should be thinking about our Games as being an experience, to which fun is an aspect.

For instance, let’s say we have built a Horror themed game where there’s spooky moments, creepy music and scare jumps a plenty. Whilst there may not be too many “fun” aspects, it’s still completely enjoyable. When we boil everything down, each and every game we’ll ever play will consist of training us in some aspect.

We’ll learn mechanics and gameplay systems, master timing and “hand to eye” co-ordination. The achievement of completing levels can be motivating and engaging and have positive reinforcing side-effects.

These, and many more aspects, amount to certain levels of fun even if we don’t really realise it. Use our list below to see how you can weave the 5 Factors of fun into your game.


Highlights, Quick Wins & Takeaways:

1. Overcoming Challenges and Problem solving

Challenge > Adversity / obstruction > Goal – Satisfaction

2. Leveling up / Progression

Achievements / Rewards

3. Interest and curiosity

4. Wonder and surprise

– The unknown is fun

( check out Episode 7 – The Top 10 ways to add Surprise and Wonder to your games )

5. Balance / Pinch Points

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