Podcast Episode 006

006: The Top 16 mistakes that most new game developers make

In this episode, we compiled our Top 16 mistakes that we see many new game developers make when first starting out.

We break down each part we identified and discuss what to look out for and how avoid these common game development pitfalls when you’re learning how to build, design and structure your games.

Highlights, Quick Wins & Takeaways:

  • Cloning existing games way too closely
  • Buying stock and mix and matching artwork / styles
  • Making your game too big & too complicated
  • Creating your game characters too big / Over Scaled
  • Aiming for ultimate perfection and getting lost in the small stuff
  • Your Game speed is either too slow, or too fast
  • Project surfing – Shiny Object syndrome
  • Making your game way too difficult / too easy
  • Getting feedback, show people your game early on in development
  • Trying to run before you can walk – GTA versus Pong
  • Getting too good at, & falling in love with your own game
  • Trying to please everyone, not the demographic of the game
  • Feature creep – adding so many features that it over complicates the game
  • Expecting knock out success with your first game
  • Ad Overload
  • Assuming people will care about your game

Links mentioned in this Episode:

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